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Show 65: Another night, another show

 Show 65 was "aight".  Good times, great oldies, you know ther drill.  We had some technical difficulties along the way but it's all rock n' roll.  It's still fun for us to play new songs and thats all that matters right now.  We had a few drinks, played a show, then went home. Some of us went home that is. Others didn't make it there until the next morning/afternoon but that is a long and involved story....

Since this show we have been busy at our rehearsal space with our heads down in it. We have been going through a 13-14 song set many times per week and getting back on the old horse. I fear we got a little lazy over the past few months and we can't have any of that. So we have been doing it over and over again. It's been a good exercise. We have also been writing again and I am very excited with the latest song we have banged out. We can't wait for you to hear them!

We are also in the midst (Still) of vocals on 6 new tunes to be releases sooner than later. Our schedules have been a bit crazy and we havn't been able to put in the time needed to "turn this mutha out" as MC Hammer used to say. OVer the next few weeks, that is EXACTLY what we are going to do.  We need to birth this thing already!!!

Till Next Time,

- Gene

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