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Mayday Release Show #86

It had been 5 months or so since we played and on Friday, June 7th 2013 we played our first show back @ The Riot Room for our Mayday EP release with Sons of Great Dane, Heroes + Villains, and Roman Ships (SD).  It was an overwhelming success. First and foremost, we want to thank all of friends, family and everyone who came out in force that night. Thank You for making our night!

 Here is the breakdown of the evening:

Sons of Great Dane opened up and sounded every bit as good as they always do. These gentlemen are spot on, all day, every day. They killed it, properly. 

Next up were Roman Ships from South Dakota. These guys are friends with Sons of Great Dane and they were a breath of fresh air. Very good, organic and the drummer jus kills. I actually forgot to thank them while we were playing. SPACE-CASE. Sorry dudes!!!!!

Post Roman Ships was owned by Heroes + Villains.  If you like your music with some serious pop appeal along the lines of Keane, look no further. Ryan, Drew and the other fine gentlemen are what we call  "Pro-giggin" round these parts. We played with Heroes + Villains many years ago when they were known as The Walter Alias and it totally brought me back to those days. 

And finally, we went on around midnight, played all of "Mayday" then some real new songs, then some old songs.   After an hour our so we ended the set with New York and even threw in an unplanned encore with a newer song called start again. 

All in all, this was a good night.

See ya around,


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