Waiting For Signal

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Waiting For Signal Show IV: The Record Bar

Show IV at the Record Bar was a blast. Thanks to everyone who threw caution to the wind and came out on a Monday night. You are all great people with exceptional taste in music. But I digress....

We appreciate the support. A big thank you to our friend mixmaster Dave G. for making being such a good host and making us sound noice and toight. Another big thank you to Ryan Yoakum (Yoakum Photography) for bringing out the big lights and the big cameras to capture our ugly mugs. Now we can only hope that Photoshop will transform us into the photogenic bastards we hope to be ;-)

We would also like to thank everyone @ The Record Bar for having us out.

Additionally we want to thank The Academy, Santa Claus, Levi’s Baby Mama, and the makers of Jagermeister.

Till next time,


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