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Show 59: All was fine in St. Louis and a quick update

Hey Hey Hey-

A quick update but first thing is first, the last show we played was almost a month ago (holy shit!) on November 5th at the Fubar in St. Louis with our friends MACHREE.  If any of you were at our last Riot Room show, these guys were also playing.  This show was an all ages show which I was personally stoked about and in fact, the first all ages show we have ever played if my memory serves me correctly which of course it never does.  There were several other bands before us most of which were much younger than us.  One of the more memorable bands was a group of 17-18 year-old kids that looked like they just stepped out of a Whitesnake video circa 1986. I am not kidding, either.  I was actually really excited to see them because if they sounded like they looked, it may have been the best 80's hair metal revival I had ever seen. Unfortunately, they didn't and it wasn't. But I thought I would share anyways.  We played later in the evening and all I will say is that the show validated the fact that we need to play more all ages shows. Simply put, we had a great time. MACHREE played a bit later to a packed house and those guys brought the goods in front of their home town. Really great show and great to see them. St. Louis was a success.

Now back to our original programming:

We have been writing new material and we are very excited about it! We wrote some songs, killed some songs, wrote some more songs and we are still cranking them out. We really feel like this is the best material we have done to date and we cannot wait to get out there and play them live. But first, we will be recording some demos and then a new EP.  However, we promise to share along the with all of you.  We appreciate everyone's continued support and look forward to seeing you in 2011.

Have a safe and happy holiday,

Gene / Ryan / Brent / Justin

Shows 57 and 58: Riot Mouse

So here we are again with another installment of a better late than never account of our last two shows. For some reason, I am finding it more and more difficult to post these in a timely fashion.  In any event, I hope to break my vicious cycle of procrastination and get into the habit of "Taking Care of Business" as Elvis so eloquently coined it.

On Friday, October 15th we played once again at The Riot Room. This time around we were playing with Le Grand from Lawrence, KS, Machree from St. Louis and Maps for Travelers who were releasing their debut EP at this show. This was a really fun lineup to be a part of as all of the bands were very good and IMO, complimentary to each other.  This was also the first time I had seen all three bands we played with and I was impressed by all of them. Double Bonus.

We were 3rd on the bill and played to a good crowd.  We played a few new songs and they went over well from what I could tell which is always nice and validating (Yes!, We ARE going to be rich!!) . We hope to incorporate more new material into the set in the future. Overall, I thought our part of the show went over well. No casualties, no accidents and I believe it was 100% OSHA compliant....

After we played, Maps for Travelers ended the show. It was especially awesome to finally see Maps for Travelers. They tore it up and when you can do that AND include a trumpet, there is nothing left to say.  Although we were loading out for part of their set, I did catch a good amount of it and it was really good. We intend on playing shows with those fellas again reeeeeeeal soon.

All in all, another good night at The Riot Room. Ah, the comforts of home.

Last Saturday, we played a Halloween show at a place and city we have never played before: The Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs, Missouri.  This is a local watering hole that has bands play of all varieties. It's also the place where our drummer, Justin works. We were playing the show with another Blue Springs native band, In the Grove for whom Justin used to play drums with.  This incestuous lineup was opened up by a very strange yet somehow entertaining singer/songwriter/comedian named Paul Somethingorother (I can't remember).  What I can remember was that his songs had somewhat unusual stories and titles.  Some of what I remember was: "Blue Springs Pussy" and a song about hitchhiking back across the country to rendezvous with a lost love and having to go down on a trucker to get there. Wow. I can't believe I just repeated that. But rest assured, I am not joking. That was 100% for real.

On top of the strange opening act, I was very worried about Ryan. Let's just say he wasn't feeling too good before the show. So here we were, in Blue Springs. I gotta say, it was strange. In fact, it was almost as if we somehow diverged from the current space-time continuum into an alternate reality.  We went on about 10:30ish and amazingly Ryan pulled it through like Keith Richards after a night of partying in the 2nd hour of a Rolling Stones set. It was as if he felt 100% from the moment we started playing. The man, the myth, the legend: Ryan Bates.  We played the show to a small gathering of people. Although it wasn't ideal, everyone at The Trouser Mouse was very cool and treated us well.

Thanks to everyone who came out to both shows.

-  Gene

Shows 55 and 56: We're not in Kansas anymore

This Friday and Saturday we played a couple of shows both of which were coincidentally located in the state of Kansas.  Home to Dorothy, Toto, The Reverend Fred Phelps and a Nascar track. I also must admit, it's  also where Ryan, Brent and I grew up.  So at least the state has that going for it :-)

On Friday, we played at The Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas. For those of you not from the area, Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas and is a very cool town. It's been a town that has had a great music scene and venues forever. The Replay Lounge is a small but important venue that has been there for as long as I can remember. We have played the Replay a few times before if my memory serves me correctly but until last Friday, never when school was in session.  As we made our way down the main drag in Lawrence, the city was alive. It looked like a carnival on every street corner. It had been a long time since any of us had been there during the school season and it was really great to experience this town again.  We arrived at the Replay Lounge and checked in with a few pre-show beverages.

Shortly thereafter, the first band "National Avant Guard" setup and began the show. The band consisted of two guys (drummer and guitarist/singer/bassist) and a laptop. This is a combination we are seeing more of these days. I really envy bands like this because a) they hardly have any gear to load  and b) they split their earnings two ways. Three cheers for laptops!  Although it's not necessarily my cup of tea, they were good and it was cool to see them use loops and switch between guitar and bass mid song.

After they played, Echo in the Elms took the stage and played to an even larger crowd of onlookers. By this time, we were unloading our gear so I unfortunately didn't get to see hardly any of their set.  It looked like everyone was enjoying themselves though...

Last but not least, it was our turn. It was sometime past midnight when we started our set to a decent sized audience most of whom we did not know. The stage is pretty small at The Replay Lounge and the PA is a bit challenging but that is the part of the beauty. As we worked our way through the songs it felt good to just be playing in a small room to a group of people that we didn't know and who were genuinely excited and into the music.  After we were done, we sold a large amount of shirts, cds, etc. which is always a good thing.  I have to say that although this was not a big show by any means, it was really inspiring and eye-opening for us.  It really reaffirmed our desire/need to expand our horizons and promote/play in more towns like Lawrence, Kansas.  And that is exactly what we plan to do from here on out.  We would like to thank everyone who came out to The Replay Lounge as well as the Replay staff. All of you made our night and we hope to do it again soon.

The next night, Ryan and I were scheduled to play a few of our songs acoustic at Sandstone amphitheater (or whatever they call it these days). 96.5 The Buzz was having their Beach Ball event with Smashing Pumpkins, Cake, Anberlin and a bunch of bands there and we were invited to do some songs in the Jeriney's "White Trash" Tent.  This tent was decked out in true Nascar/boogen fashion and let me tell you, it was REEAAAAL NICE.  It was as bare bones as it gets. Just two guys and our guitars. No PA, no microphones, no amps, notta. We were lucky to have lights, alcohol and bathrooms. :-) Long story short, we did 4 songs to a good group of people and surprisingly it turned out to be pretty cool.  It was also nice to play a show and not have to lug any gear around! Thank You to Jeriney for having us and everyone who checked us out.

Overall, it was a good weekend for us. As we were driving home last night I thought about how lucky the four of us are to have the opportunity to play music, be in band with friends and work to move this band forward.  As the saying goes: It's about the ride, not the destination.  And that's a beautiful thing.

- Gene

Show 54: Le RecordBar, new songs and change.

A Quick Update:

For the greater part of a year since our first drummer Levi came back to the band to help us move forward with shows, etc. we made a conscious effort to not write/complete any new songs.  We didn't want a new drummer to come into the fold and have to learn even more material beyond the 2 EPs and more importantly we wanted to wait so we could move forward with someone else.  Contrary to popular belief, our band has always been a democracy and it's incredibly important that all of us get to place our creative mark on  what we do. That's why it was so important for us to wait for a new drummer to put their mark on any new material.

The residual effect of this interruption in writing was that all of us felt like we were just going through the paces, playing the same old songs, doing the same old shows.  And in fact, we were.  We were still having fun, but when you take the writing out of a band, there isn't much left.   We had lost our way. As much as we are all proud of the last two EPs, we were and have been more than ready to move on. And so it began.   With Justin, we began banging out new songs for  the first time in a long time in our new rehearsal space. And I must say, we have been having a lot of fun and making a lot of progress  along the way.  Change is and has been in the air. And that is a very. very good thing.

Now back to our regular programming:

Last Friday night marked our 54th show and Justin's 3rd show with the band. We were playing @ recordbar with Audiovox and Restless Breed.  It had been quite some time since we played at recordbar and we were excited to play there again.  Opening the show, Restless Breed played their instrumental brand of experimental / psychedelic / synth music. These guys brought some serious lights and even a projector with them that really suited them and their music well. It was really quite nice to see a band doing something cool and different and all of us enjoyed their show a lot.

We were second up and we started our set around 11:30ish.  As I mentioned, it had been a moment since we played there and all of us felt very comfortable to be back.  As we rolled through the songs, everything seemed to fall into place. We decided to throw a couple of new songs in the mix. One tune currently titled "Sold Out" we  have been playing in the set for a while now. But we debuted a newer song currently called "Quiet" toward the middle of the set.  All I can say is that it felt really fucking good to be playing something very new at the recordbar that night. From what I could gather, it was well received too.  As we finished up our set, I felt good about the show. IMO, there is always room for improvement and this was far from a perfect show. However,  I still couldn't help but feel like we are on our way again to new and exciting things. Back on the path we should have been on all along....

Audiovox was last on the bill and as usuall, they successfully delivered their brand of hook-laden electro-rock to everyone in the room. This time they had a female singer on deck with them and it sounded even bigger than usual. It seems that no matter how many shows we do with these fellas  I have those fucking songs stuck in my head for the next day or so. I guess I'm just a sucker for the hook!

Thank You to Steve, Shawn, Tim and Everyone @ recordbar for having us and being such hospitable hosts.

- Gene

Show 51 ,52 and 53: Times they are a changing

It’s been a while since my last post and I feel guilty as hell. We have had a lot going on but I’m not going to make excuses. I just kept putting it off until another day and poof, months went by. So from now on, I pledge allegiance to the Blog every time we play a show or something else noteworthy happens. One band, indivisible under the cosmic ant farmer and to the music for which we stand…….uh……I think you get the idea. ....

Show 51 was @ The Riot Room a few months ago and I remember a few key details: I was REALLY sick, it was on a Saturday, there was a really great turnout and a good friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) had a bit to drink and ended up getting on stage with us during the show for a few moments. Otherwise, I don’t remember so much. But despite the circumstances, it was a good and fun show.....

Consequently, it was Levi’s last show with the band. It’s been no secret that we have been searching high and low for a new drummer for what seems like forever. Levi wasn’t hearing the gods of rock calling his name any more and was ready to move on to greener pastures. Lucky for us, he stayed to help us out all this time which we greatly appreciate.  We will commemorate his years of service with a replica 14K gold plated Rolex and a night out at his favorite night spot, Bazookas. ....

After the show we began playing with a fine young gentleman by the name of Justin Ripetto. Justin is from Blue Sprangz, Missouri which we have been surprised to discover is the land of clean water, hot women and badass musicians. Who knew? Justin most recently played in a band called “In the Grove” whom we have played several shows with in the past.  After working for several weeks with Justin, it became apparent that he was a quick learner, hard worker, damn talented drummer and also a Chef.  Apparently, drumming and chef-ing are extremely similar? Long story short, we now present in the left corner, weighing in at a buck twenty five,  Justin “The Chef” Ripettoooooooooooo!....

The next show was the 2010 Pitch Music Showcase @ The Riot Room. This was Justin’s first show with the band and our first show in a few months so we were excited to play. We had been nominated again this year in the category of Rock and invited to play the showcase again. For those of you who have not been to one of these, I highly recommend it. You get to see a lot of KC’s best for one price on one night at several participating venues. This year seemed to me to be the best year I can remember yet. It was crazy hot in the club due to an A/C unit being out but that didn’t stop anyone from hanging around. We went on at midnight to a good turnout and blazed through the set.  Although not perfect, it was a good show. We tried to celebrate Justin’s inaugural show but we failed miserably. I guess you just can’t drink in extreme heat.  ....

Two nights later, we were back at it again @ The Riot Room. This time for the annual Miss Riot Room pageant. We were on the bill with Roman Numerals, Audiovox, The Slowdown and Brainbow. We were scheduled to go on right before the Numerals at a ripe 1:00AM.  And so we did. I ran into some technical difficulties with my pedals but we worked around it. We debuted a new song and it went over well. That’s always a good thing. All in all, it was a short and decent set for us.....

Now that these shows are out of the way, we are going to buckle down with The Chef and write some new tunes.   We recently moved into a new rehearsal space / studio and we are all excited to get at it! We have some shows booked already and will be putting up some more dates soon. We’ll also post some pics of the new studio/rehearsal space as well.....

Good Times,


Show 50: Acoustic Porn: Hello, is there anybody out there?

Buenos Dias-

Before we get into the 50th show festivities breakdown, I must mention that we will be moving the blog from Myspace to that "other" social network and quite possibly a few different places. The reasons for this are many and if you would like to discuss them, feel free to call our Bass Player and  technology consultant: Brent "The Beard" Kastlerhofenbrauwenstienivitz.

So back to the 50th show. On Saturday April 30th we played the 2010 "Acoustic Prom" @ The Beaumont club (Why does that always look like "Porn"?) . Yes, we were roped into playing yet another acoustic show. This show was basically a group of local musicians / bands playing songs acoustically for a large group of individuals dressed to the 9's as if they were going to a prom. Well, I guess they were going to a prom....... So there Ryan and I were on the massive Beaumont stage with a monitor guy (wtf?) and a very douche-like front of house guy. We played a short set in the allotted 25 minutes for a small group of people. Somewhere in the middle of the set we commemorated our 50 shows with a shot and a moment of silence for Brent's illustrious beard.  It was low key, mellow and all the things that a typical Waiting for Signal show are not. However, it was still fun for us and yet another reminder that we all have sorely missed playing shows since Levi's ankle breaking encounter at the Cat House Brothel in Nevada. But alas, after some reconstructive surgery and a robotic ball joint, he is back!

When we look back at the past 50 shows there were some really great moments some not so great moments but I wouldn't change a thing.

Till you read again,


Show 49: Folk Signal: The Acoustic Age

Last Saturday we played our 49th live show and 1st Acoustic show ever at Czarbar here in Kansas City. We were playing with our friends from Lawrence, The Old Black and Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Kyuss, etc.).

When we first heard about the show many months back, we weren't sure what to think. We love playing with The Old Black and we are huge  Nick Oliveri fans to say the least. So we were stoked. But we were also kind of worried. We are not and have never been an "Acoustic" band.  For example, one time we were supposed to play an "Acoustic" set after a show here in KC. But somehow, we ended up loading our gear in and plugging in anyway.  I have no idea how that happened but it did.

Although we do own a few acoustic guitars between us, we have never really attempted playing any of our songs that way. We obviously decided to play the show. Our thoughts were that we had enough time to rehearse and get everything nailed. But a few months went by and with heavy travel, etc. we didn't really put in the time we wanted to. And next thing you know, it was the day of the show.

We showed up at Czarbar and were informed that we would be playing first which was fine by us. We did a quick sound check and everything sounded really good.  I remember thinking to myself how nice it was not to have had to pick up our trailer, load in/out all of our equipment, etc. It was downright luxurious! We could get used to this!

After the show start being pushed back a few times we hit the stage at around 10:30 PM. It was a little weird for the both of us to be onstage and Levi and Brent in the audience.  But you know what, it felt REALLY good.  The vibe in the room was good, the songs sounded good and everything just seemed to flow.  It all just seemed to fall into place. We even attempted playing a new song we wrote about 20 minutes before we arrived at the bar....

After we played the Old Black ripped through a badass acoustic set. It ended up being an extended one due to Nick Oliveri having some troubles making into town. In the end, Nick didn't make it to the bar until much later and he didn't even play there that night although he did do an impromptu show at the Mercy Seat tattoo shop next door. Luckily, Ryan and I got a chance to talk to him for a while and he was extremely nice and very cool.

Overall, this was an experience that ended up being really great for us. We will certainly do it again.

Thanks to The Old Black, Nick Oliveri and everyone who showed up to the show for all of your continued support.


Show 48: Another Saturday in KC

Last Saturday night we played @ The Riot Room in KC with In The Grove and Traindodge. It was a typical Saturday night in KC. We were scheduled to be second in the lineup but by the time we got to the bar we were "headlining". Which basically means "Sorry, but you are fucked. You'll go really late when everyone is good and drunk".  Not that I am bitching about it, because it's par for the course. Moving along...

As the night began, the turn out was great  It's always nice to be surprised by the amount of people that show up to a show. In the grove went on first at 11 something. They played to healthy amount of people. Next up was Oklahoma's Traindodge. This band has been around forever and they are a machine. It's always good to see them and all of us unanimously agree that we would like to kidnap their drummer at some point in the future because he is seriously one of the best drummers around.  Note to self: purchase kidnapping van with airbrushed mountain scene and port hole window.

After Traindodge it was finally time for us to play. And for some reason, I felt like I was starting to get sick for the few hours preceding this. And when that happens before a show there is only one thing to do: DRINK. And that I did. A few shots and a few drinks and I felt MUCH better. I think this is how alcoholism starts? ;-) We went on at 12-something to a legitimate crowd of AWESOME people who stuck it out all night. As we played through the set I kept thinking about how much fun shows are. It felt like we had not played a show for a year even though it's only been a month or so.

In summary, I think our performance was OK but the show was a great time.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to see us. We are eternally grateful for your support and interest.

- Gene

Show 47: Better Late Than Never

The saying "better late than never" works well for this post since we played this show almost a week ago. I had to go out of town and was caught up in the week. But alas, I remembered tonight. So as the saying goes, better late than never.

Last Saturday night we played Davey's Uptown with Red Line Chemistry. We were excited to play this show for a lot of reasons one of which was that Red Line Chemistry is a much different band than us and draws a different crowd that we had yet to play for. And we like playing for different audiences. Above and beyond that, the RLC guys are all nice guys and we were happy to finally be playing a show together with them.

We had played Davey's Uptown once before last year and we enjoyed it. I kind of grew up in that bar and remember watching and playing shows with bands like Shiner, Giant's Chair, etc. there. So needless to say there is a lot of history and nostalgia for me personally.

This show was unusual in that there were only 2 bands onthe bill (us and RLC) which we were happy about. It's kind of like having your cake and eating it too. You get to open the show which means you are not in a rush to setup and you get to play at 11ish. That's what I call a "win/win" (please excuse the cheesy corporate terminology).

We loaded in around 6, went through our soundcheck and then just hung out for a while. Brent, Levi, and I got something to eat and before we knew it, the bar started to get full. In what seemed like another hour, we were set to play. We took the stage at 10:45 to a good crowd full of familiar and unfamiliar faces. Although the stage was a bit cramped and I felt like our live show was not all that energetic as it could be , I felt like it was a good show for us and more importantly we played well.  We played for a ton of people we had never seen before and I think we were recieved well. Mission Accomplished!

RLC took the stage around midnight and true to form the exectuted with precision. They sounded great and their audience was with them from the first song to the last.

Overall, the evening was a success and it went off without a hitch.

Thanks to:

Everyone who came out to the show
Wes West
Jeff Pickman
and Davey's Uptown

See you next year,


Show # 46: The Division EP CD Release

Last Thursday night (Thanksgiving 2009) we played a show to coincide with the release of our second CD, The Division EP. @ The Riot Room with “Actors and Actresses” and “In the Grove”.  This was a special night for us and was actually our first official CD release show because we didn’t really do anything special when we released The Catastrophe EP well over a year ago.

The Division EP had been long overdue by our clock and we were elated to finally get it done, pressed, released, etc. It’s really incredible how many things need to happen to release 5 songs in “proper” way. But I won’t get into that as I can assure it’s long and boring ☺

Actors and Actresses opened the show and played a solid set. It’s great to play with a band so different than us stylistically and I think it wasa good pairing. We will have to do it again!

Next up, In The Grove played. This was the first time I have seen these young men with their new singer/guitar player and I must say it’s a good lineup. They brought their wall of sound to the Riot Room and were very well received. Yet another band we’ll have to play with more. In fact, maybe we should just release a CD every month?

We hit the stage at around Midnight. I don’t know why we always play at midnight. I try and try to get us on at 11:00 or 11:30 but it always seems that we go on right at Midnight. Could it be…….Satan?

So midnight it was and there was an awesome crowd @ The Riot Room. As we made our way through our set, Ryan hand technical difficulty after technical difficulty. First a pedal, then a guitar strap, then another pedal, then a mic. Was it sabotage? Could it have been Jesus punishing Ryan for his sins? Or Satan showing him what could happen if he left the dark side? We’ll never know. But Ryan just rolled with the punches the whole night.  Because he is a professional (Pro-Fesh-I-nal).  ..Whoo! America!..

We also had a light show during the set as well thanks to one Jeff “picky” Pickman. And it was BADASS. But it often blinded us throughout the set.   Which is quite funny now that I think back on it.  I am just thankful we didn’t have any pyrotechnics. We would have burned fo’ sho.  In the end, we laughed, we cried, we even played a new song.  Despite some of the challenges, we really had a great time on this fine thanksgiving. And we want to do this every damn year. Amen
At the end of the night, we hung out and indulged in many post show beverages. The next day we realized that some cases were stolen out of our trailer. Ahh, the dichotomy. C'est la vie!

To everyone for supporting us over the past few years. We really appreciate it.

And special thanks to:
Our main squeeze and the fifth Beatle: Jeff Pickman.
Wes "Mixmaster" West
Levi J. Winegar of the Sacremento Family Winegar Vinyards

Till Next Time,


Show XXXXV: Kansas City + Denver in Lawrence

Last night we had the pleasure of playing the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas for our 45th show.  We were playing with The Epilogues and The Photo Atlas (both from Denver, CO.) To make a long story short, it was a good night! Let's recap:

1)  The staff @ The Replay Lounge are super nice and were very cool to us.

2)  Levi's parental units (The CEO and COO of the Sacramento Family Winegar Vineyards, Inc.) were in town from Sacramento, California.

3) The Photo Atlas and The Epilogues turned out to be BADASSES and good dudes as well. Both bands had been out for a month or so from LA to NYC and this was their last show of the tour.  Both bands put on incredible shows and we were happy to play with them. We absolutely plan on bringing them out to KC to do some shows with us and vice versa. In the meantime, check both bands out!!!

4) Brent was on the wagon so I was relieved of driving duties. The alchohol flowed like water, and I felt like 100% shit this mornign but I am all better now.

Above and beyond that, nothing too much to report. Overall, we had a blast. It was an "intimate" show but a good one.

Till Next Time,

Show 44: Darker My Signal

Last Thursday night we returned to the Riot Room in support of Darker My Love from Los Angeles. Before we get into the show, I feel I must address a few things. Since our last little jaunt through the Midwest with Roman Numerals,  there have been some "happenings".

The first and most obvious was the departure of Nick from the band.  After we returned from our time out of town we took a week off and met up at our rehearsal space for rehearsal. At that time, Nick told us he was leaving the band. He told us he felt he couldn't give the band the commitment and time it needed and therefore he was making his exit.  The three of us were shocked to say the least. We believed in Nick and all of us were disappointed that after just a few months, he had decided to leave.  But everyone needs to do what's best for themselves.   At least he was honest.  We'll miss the "Panda" as we nicknamed him and we wish Nick the nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

So we were back in an all too familiar situation without a drummer again. And we had three shows booked, the last of which is our new CD/EP release on Thanksgiving night. Who did we call?  The man, the myth, The Levinator. That's right, Levi J. Winegar (of the Sacramento Family Winegar Vineyards).

Levi has played on everything we have recorded to date, including the soon to be released EP so it's only fitting that he come back and finish what he started. Although Levi's studies in rare animal pheromone treatments for erectile dysfunction preclude him from being in the band full time, touring, etc. we are stoked and honored to have him back even if it's just for a moment. So we would like to take this moment for a big shout out to the L train!

So that is basically it, Levi is back for now and we are still actively looking for a new drummer.  Any Contenders?  The CD/EP release is set for Thanksgiving night @ The Riot Room and we are excited for everyone to hear it!

And now, back to our regular programming:

We were excited to play with Darker My Love. Although they are a much different band than we are, it's always good to play with great artists and that DML was. The show opened up with Heroes and Villains who put on a great set. At times they remind me of Keane and at other times maybe The Killers? but it's all masterfully executed which is always a pleasure to see.

We were up next and there was a good crowd that had accumulated @ The Riot Room. It felt like ages since we had played and even longer since we had played with Levi but by the time we got started at around 11,  it felt like we hadn't skipped a beat. I felt like we had a good show and that everyone there had a good time too.  Overall, it was a special show for us and I had one of the best times I have had at one of our shows yet. I trust that in time, it will keep getting better.

After our set, DML hit the stage for a monstrous, long and more importantly great set as expected to a room full of their fans. After the show, I spoke briefly with a few of those guys who were about the nicest dudes a fellow can meet.

Thanks to:

Everyone who came out to support us
Neil Smith for booking shows and his time in the NFL
Jeff Pickman for the sound and the "heys"
The Riot Room and staff
And YOU for taking the time to read this blog

Hope to See you @ The Replay Lounge in Lawrence


Mini-Tour 2009 - Shows 38 - 43: Roman Signals

We recently returned from our maiden voyage through the Midwest with one of KC’s finest, Roman Numerals. Our “mini-tour” as I have dubbed it started in St. Louis, then Chicago for two nights, La Crosse, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, and finally, Omaha. Since this was our first real outing beyond previous weekend stints to St. Louis and other adjacent cities, all of us were excited to get out of KC get on “the road”.

In the weeks before we left, there was a lot of back and forth regarding all the ins and outs of our little trip. At the forefront was what method of transportation we would choose: my suv, rented van, tour bus, helicopter, private jet etc.. There are four of us and we wanted to bring Jeff Pickman, soundman extroadinare along. Also, Neil Smith (National Football League) wanted to come along since he booked the shows and wanted to meet some loose women. That was 6 of us which is two people too many for my crime attracting 4runner.  We didn’t want to make anyone ride on the luggage rack and we didn’t want to spend the extra $ to rent a van but at the last minute, we broke down and rented one anyway. Armed with our instruments, a video camera and blind ambition, we embarked on our first jaunt through the Midwest......

Show #38: St. Louis, MO - The Library

After what seemed like an endless amount of obstacles in getting out of town, we picked up Jeff and Neil and headed to the rehearsal space to load out. Shortly thereafter, we were on the road to our first of six shows.  The ride to St. Louis was for the most part uneventful. We knew from experience not to trust any of Jeff’s “shortcuts” and stay the course. Last time we went out St. Louis, one of those shortcuts cost us an extra 2 hours in travel time and none of us let him forget it :-) We arrived at The Library bar in St. Louis. It’s a pretty cool building with a large double set of cement steps up the front. We were informed that there were a total of 4 bands and the first band was already on. We were up next and Roman Numerals after us. We began to load in up those stairs while the first band finished up. Shortly thereafter, we were on.

As we started our first song, New York, I noticed something was wrong. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ryan in full panic mode. As I turned I saw a HUGE amount of smoke coming from one of Ryan’s amps. For a second, I thought the stage was on fire but I quickly realized that it must be a fog machine. Unfortunately, Ryan didn’t come to the same conclusion. Mid song, he ran over to his amp and shut it off. It must have been a pretty funny sight. As it turns out, Billy Smith was behind the stage and pulled a “I wonder what this button does” resulting in the false alarm :-)! We finished our set and watched Roman Numerals for the first time in a long time. They sounded better than ever.

Afterward, we went to a house party at one of the Numeral’s friend’s places in St. Louis. Ignoring the “No Outlet” signs, we pulled the van and trailer into a dead end street. After a couple jackknifes and 120 point turns, we got it turned around and went inside for a drink. After hanging out for a little while we left and went to our motel. However, there was a detour. Neil Smith insisted that we needed to go to White Castle. So we set off on yet another adventure. It was 3:30AM and we were driving around St. Louis, guided by our iphone maps to find an open White Castle, which we did.  Long story short, everyone including Neil regretted that little trip the next morning.  Although some good did come out of it, I filmed the entire ordeal and I snapped some compromising pictures of Neil and Jeff with their White Castle cheeseburgers. Now more than ever, the band needs a flicker page :-)

Thanks to everyone @ The Library for your hospitality. A special thanks to our Myspace friend, Rick 'doc' Dachroeden who came out to the show.

Show #39: Chicago, IL - Reggie's

Chicago is one of the best cities in the country. You have buildings, people, and things to do yet it’s still the Midwest. We took off for Chicago on Thursday morning. We arrived early and headed to the South side of the city to Reggie’s Rock Bar. This place was pretty cool and unlike most venues I have ever been in. It was a bar and restaurant on one side, an all-ages venue on the other side, with a badass band merchandise shop in between and a sick record store upstairs. The staff was very cool and this place was run extremely WELL.  The green room was filled with comfortable couches and even had a bathroom with a shower.  There were 4 bands on the bill of which we were the 3rd with the Numerals headlining. After killing time for several hours, we watched the first and second bands. Then we were up. I won’t lie; the crowd was sparse to say the least. However, we were lucky enough to have some friends come see us so we were thankful for that.  All in all, I feel we played well and we were done before we knew it. After us, yet again, Roman Numerals killed it. Night after night, these guys made it look easy and sounded incredible. After the show, a few of us headed home and a few others headed out on the town. If my memory serves me correctly, Neil and I headed back downtown to our hotel and stopped by a Duncan Donuts for Coffee around the corner.  We saw a few almost fights between some undoubtedly steroid fortified meatheads which was pretty entertaining.  After a coffee, it was lights out.  Thanks to everyone who came out and everyone @ Reggie’s.

Show #40: Chicago, IL - Cobra Lounge

By the third day of the Mini-tour, all of us were stoked to be in the same city and not have to spend the day traveling. Neil, Jeff and Brent went sightseeing. Nick went to go hang out with family in the area. And Bates and I headed to Chicago Music Exchange. This has got to be one of the most awesome Guitar stores in the US. Sure, there are many killer guitar shops around the country and I can say that I have been to most of them. But for some reason, I love CME. It’s like restoration hardware filled with vintage and new guitars and amps. It’s expensive, but there is always something to look at. I brought in a few guitars that I never play in hopes of trading them in on something. But after about an hour in the store looking around and playing some guitars, I hadn’t found anything. As we were getting ready to leave, Ryan picked up a Rickenbacker guitar of the wall and plugged it in. Although I have NEVER been a fan or Ricks at all, it sounded great and it played like a million bucks. 20 minutes later, we walked out with it and had breakfast at Wishbone around the corner. It was a good day...we didn’t have to use out AKs.

As the day turned into night, we reconvened and headed out to Cobra Lounge. When we arrived, the Roman Numerals were already there and loaded in. There were 3 bands on the bill and we had switched up with Roman Numerals for the last slot. The place was beginning to fill up and there were a lot of familiar KC folks there which was a nice surprise. It felt like home!  The first band, American Anti-Gravity, went on and after they were finished, Roman Numerals took the stage. They put on another bang-out show.  We were up next and we went on around 12:30AM. I feel we played a good show and all of us had a good time being there.

After the show, we parked the Van and trailer and headed out for to meet everyone for one last drink before the bars closed. We arrived and had a few drinks with the KC crew. It was a really good time. Chicago was over and we were sad to leave. We look forward to getting back up there again!

Show #41: La Crosse, WI - The Warehouse

The next morning, we took off for La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was a 6 hour drive and an early show so we had to be on the road earlier than usual. All of us where pretty banged up and I was quite a bit sleep deprived due to the snoring of various people who shall remain nameless. Note to self: bring earplugs next time. On the way out of the city, we stopped to get gas and I did something I never usually do. I bought lottery tickets. Not powerball, just the scratch off kind. And I actually won!  $150 to be exact. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. In our haste, we failed to really project how much money this little jaunt was costing us. And it was taking its toll on us financially. So, needless to say, I was happy to have a little extra loot.

We arrived in La Crosse at the Warehouse roughly 6 hours later. The city reminded me of Lawrence, KS but with a larger Downtown maybe? The Warehouse is an all ages venue that has been there for over 18 years. A ton of great bands have played there over the years and continue to do so.  In fact, I had a good time checking out their wall of 8x10’s from bands that have played there over the years. Lots of familiar faces and bands I had long since forgotten about.

That being said, we had heard about a very painful load-in at The Warehouse from many of our friends. And it was true: 3 flights of steep stairs, straight up.  We weren’t worried about it though,   it seemed like a great way to get a workout :-) Luckily for all of us, the friendly staff @ The Warehouse assisted both bands both in and out with our gear. This venue has to be one of the most put together places I have played. Everyone was super cool and it was run like an army base. It was actually quite refreshing. There were three bands on the bill, the first being a local act of younger kids. As they played for their friends and parents, I felt quite old.  But I kept telling myself: “30s are the new 20s. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”.  We played our set to a handful of kids and had a good time despite the thin turnout. Roman Numerals went on afterward and yet again owned the stage. After the show, all of us went to a GREAT bar across the street called “Yesterdays”. This place was covered in an evil, Devil’s Advocate looking mural. It was dark and the drinks were cheap too. My favorite watering hole of the whole trip!  I wish it was located in KC. I’d be there every damn night. At closing time, we rounded up the troops and headed back to our motel. It became apparent to all of us that while we were intoxicated, Neil was at a whole different level. I quickly grabbed the video camera and began filming. That video clip spans over an hour and is PRICELESS. I am still editing it but I will give you some highlights:

Neil Smith convincing us there were “hot chicks” at this bar
Meeting up with the Numerals in the motel parking lot
Neil Smith in the bathtub
Ryan Shank and Neil Smith in the bathtub
Brent, Ryan Shank, and Neil Smith in the bathroom
Ryan Shank’s readings from the bible
Almost getting kicked out of the hotel

The list goes on. Needless to say, you’ll have to see the video. All in all, La Crosse was a good time.  Thanks to all who came out and to the Staff of The Warehouse for your hospitality.

Show #42: Minneapolis, MN - Uptown Bar

We took off for Minneapolis the next morning.  Upon arriving in Minneapolis, Brent insisted that we hit the “Great Mall of America”. Apparently, there was a Lego store that had a life size millennium falcon horsie ride that Brent could not live without riding. So, we were stuck going into suburbia to fulfill Brent’s geek destiny.  I’d like to say that it was interesting, but it wasn’t. Ryan and I spent most the time walking around doing absolutely nothing. After the mall we checked into our hotel room downtown and headed to the bar. The Uptown Bar is a small bar/restaurant that is closing down in a month or two. After getting a few drinks, we were well aware that one of the bartenders was a complete and utter fucking asshole. We ignored him and went about our business but for some reason, this guy really pissed me off.   And our multiple encounters with him just put me in a bad mood. There were 3 bands on the show and we were second. There was a decent crowd for a Sunday night and I had some friends come out to the show as well. We went on second and it was a mad rush to get going. This bar was the opposite of the Warehouse and was a complete disorganized mess. After we played, the Roman Numerals took the stage. I went back to the bar and had a few more drinks Roman Numerals finished another immaculate set and all of us had some more after show drinks/shots. At the end of the night, all of us were pretty intoxicated and I really wanted to confront Senor Dickhead the Bartender. Of course, that would have been a dumb thing to do. In a complete role reversal, Ryan pushed me out of the bar to avoid any confrontation. All of us felt relieved that we had escaped the evening without incident when out of nowhere, some drunk douche bag starts staring everyone of us down as we are loading up our merch. It could have been a very ugly scene. But luckily, there was no altercation thanks to Ryan again and we were on our way back to the hotel.

Overall, I can say that we did not enjoy our experience to the fullest in Minneapolis. But it does seem like it could be a cool place. We look forward to giving it another shot in the near future.  Thanks to everyone at The Uptown bar that was cool.  And thanks to Jada and Mark for coming out!

Show #43: Omaha, NE - Oleavers

Our last show of the mini-tour was at Oleavers in Omaha. This bar is a local mainstay and a ton of local and regional acts have been through it. It’s a pretty bare bones place with a very small PA and more of a dive bar atmosphere. The staff was cool as shit though and the drinks were affordable. Viva la Omaha! There were 3 bands on the show and we were up first. We went on about 10:30 and it was an uneventful show for us. We’ve had worse, we’ve had better. After us Roman Numerals played and we all had some drinks to celebrate the end of our mini-tour.

Overall, this was a great experience for our band. We had a ton of fun and most importantly learned a lot for next time. Thank you to Roman Numerals for coming out with us and teaching us a thing or two. Thanks to everyone who came out to shows and everyone at all the venues.

Till next time,


Show 37: Pitch Music Showcase

We'll keep this one short and sweet. We played the Pitch Music Showcase last Thursday @ The Riot Room. For those of you not from KC, The Pitch is the local alternative weekly here in KC. Every year, bands are nominated in various categories, a subset of those bands are asked to play the Pitch Music Showcase which is held at a conglomeration of bars in the Westport area, and last but not least, the public at large votes on bands/musicians in these various categories.

We were nominated in the "Rock" category. Thank You very much. And we were invited to play the Pitch Music Showcase and Pub Crawl. Thank You very much again.  We were very happy to be part of this year’s festivities as this event is always a good time whether you are playing or just going to check out bands.  And this year was no different.

We started right around Midnight to a very gracious and enthusiastic crowd. Simply put, we had a BLAST. It was a good night for us and an even better last show before we embark on our first true out of town "Mini-mini-tour" at the end of this month.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out and voted to support us this year.


Show XXXVI: A New Era

Last night we played with A.M.I.M and our friends Heroes of the Kingdom (St. Louis) @ The Riot Room.  As many of you are already aware of, the RR is home base for us as a band. It is the first place we played a show, where Brent works, and the bar in which we feel the most at home in KC.  So it’s always good to play a show there.  That being said, there are several KILLER live/local music venues here in KC that we are fond of: recordBar, Crosstown Station, The Brick, and CzarBar.  We know we are lucky to have them. All of us remember a time not so long ago when we weren't so lucky here in KC......

We got to the RR around 8PM and loaded in.  Shortly thereafter A.M.I.M.  showed up and started to load in/setup. As they sound checked, we setup our merchandise and had a drink or two while we waited. Over the next couple of hours, the bar started filling in. It was an unusual crowd for Riot on a Saturday night but we weren't complaining. As it turns out, most of that crowd was there to see A.M.I.M. They began their set around 10:30 PM.

After a catching a few songs, I went out front to talk to some people showing up. I was really surprised at how PERFECT the weather was. I mean KC was like San Diego that night, which is a rare occurrence here in August.  And for some reason, I felt like something was in the air. It's tough to describe but there was a non-descript good energy/vibe in Westport last night. Maybe it was the good weather? Maybe the two Vodka Sodas I had up to that point? Either way, it was real, felt it, and I think everyone felt it. But we’ll get to that later.  After hanging out in front  I went back in as Heroes of the Kingdom began to setup.

Heroes of the Kingdom began their set around 11:30 to a moderate crowd. As usual, these guys brought their brand of rock very well. We played one show with these guys a few months back in St. Louis and just as they did they did then, they brought “it”.

After Heroes of the Kingdom was finished their set, we were up. The RR started to fill in as we setup and we ended up going on to a good crowd around 12:30 AM. As we worked our way through the set, it seemed that more and more people were showing up.  And that vibe we felt earlier in the night seemed to permeate the room.

By the time it was over I wanted to keep playing. This was a really fun show for us. The opinion of several people that see us regularly was that this was our best show yet. I don’t know if I agree completely but I will say it was a good show.

The last few months have really been transitional for the band for too many reasons to list.  And this show was exactly what we needed when we needed it.

Thank You to :

Everyone who made it out and stuck around to see us, yet again. Your support means a lot to us.

Jeff Pickman - for another night of rock, always fighting the good fight for us and for his help with “The Secret Weapon”

Funk, Tim, Dallas, Arty, Brandon, Joe and Everyone @ The Riot Room

- Gene

Show 35: Back in the USSR

Show 35 was our first at CzarBar, a relatively new bar here in KC that reminds me of some of the bars back in NYC. We were on the bill with Little Murders and Fairbanks.  Little Murders opened the show up and to me, they sounded like a blend of traditional and post punk with a little KC rock mixed in. They were very good at what they do and it was right up Brent's alley. And Brent is our official Punk Rock Representative, so there you have it.

Next up was Fairbanks a band that has one of our friends Q playing bass and singing. This band has been around KC for a while and has a great reputation. Think Ben Folds Five with a harder edge and bigger harmonies. And this night was no exception. Fairbanks sounded great. We thouroghly enjoyed watching them and if you have not been to one of their shows you need to go.

After Fairbanks finshed, we were up. I won't lie, for a Friday night the crowd was moderate. But we were happy to be there nonetheless. We went on around Midnight and decided we would have a good time with it.

It seems that so many bands tend to take themselves way too seriously. And although we are serious about what we do and how we do it, we don't want to be all business no pleasure. We are guilty of that from time to time, but especially on nights like this one we make a concious effort to just relax, bullshit a bit more and just have fun with it.  And that's exactly what we did. It was kind of like a drunken story tellers episode with no real story.  I perosnally had a good time and it seemed like most everyone else did too.

We would like to thank:

Little Murders
Jeff Pickman
Billy Smith and CzarBar


One, Two, Three and to the Four: Show #34

Number 34 was a good one.  We love playing @ Crosstown Station. The stage, the sound, the lights and the bar in general are all among the best in the city. Add one Jeff Pickman on the soundboard, one Marty "Booooosh" Bush behind the bar, with one side of Dutch and we are more comfortable than Brent during one of his snake handling sermons in Virginia.

We loaded in around 8PM and ran through a sound check which was much more interesting than usual.  Ryan busted out a rendition of Salt N' Peppa's "Push It" complete with guitar and vocals which took Nick, Brent, and me by surprise. "Boosh it, B-Boosh it real good!".  Apparently Ryan was serenading Marty with this little ditty. He had obviously put some work into it and took some creative liberties along the way. Quite an entertaining display it was.

After sound check we broke down and the first band, Hotdog Skeletons went on shortly thereafter. Next up was Brainbow which I had not seen yet. They delivered an unusual instrumental set and were pretty interesting to watch. It was good to finally see and play a show with them.

Last up were yours truly. We went on around 11:30PM to a moderate Thursday night crowd. We played well with some minor technical difficulties towards the end of the set but overall, it felt good. Not as good as "Boosh it" but almost.

Next up, a trip to the motherland aka CzarBar.


Show Thirty Three: World O' Fun

The 33rd Waiting for Signal show was set to go down @ Worlds of Fun, KC's equivalent to Six Flags. In was an unusual place to play but all of us remember the "Grassroots" shows they used to have at WoF. I remember Hum, 311, Stick, and a few other bands that played those shows back in the day and they were pretty badass. So when we got a chance to play WoF, of course we jumped on it.

Unlike the Grassroots shows, this was a smaller affair to be held on what is essentially a deck/smoking area witihn the park next to the "RipCord" ride.  We were playing with Pet Comfort and going on first @ 7:30 PM and loadin was @ 5 so we started our day earlier than usual. When we arrived at the park we were escorted back to the security office and a load-in area. We quickly loaded in and setup with the help fo some nice WoF employees.

After soundcheck expored the park a bit. It had easily been 10+ years since I had been at Worlds of Fun or it's sister, Oceans of Fun and the general layout of the park was pretty much the same. I did see a lot of new rides that looked interesting though.

As we walked through the park, I realized that this is a great place to people watch. There was a decent diversity of people there ranging from families with little kids to teenagers and some older folks. As we made our way through the park, I saw some interesting things. First, there was a guy with what I can only describe is a "reverse tanktop".  Then there was a guy in a Chiefs jersey yelling at his Wife to get him "another fucking drink" while he waited in line for the "Mamba" rollercoaster. And a host of other social anomolies that made the walk a little more "special".

At around 7:30 PM we began our set to a small crowd of onlookers and some passersby. It was actually pretty cool to be outside in KC playing a show in perfect weather. It was around 70 degrees so we certainly lucked out there. As we made our way through the set I realized there was something nice about not being in a dark bar playing a show. It was kind of refreshing for a change.  We finished playing and began the loadout process before Pet Comfort took the stage. Overall, I thought we played a good show.

I wish I could have stayed and taken advantage of some free rides but I had a plane to catch in the morning so it was back to the Rehearsal space for Ryan, Jeff, and me. On the ride back I though to myself how good it feelt to be leaving a show at 9:00PM instead of 3:00AM. Although it was not the typical show experience, show #33 was allright in my book.

Thanks to Jeriney and 96.5 The Buzz for putting us on the show.
Jeff Pickman for coming with us
and everyone who showed up.

- Gene

Show # 32: Character building in the CMSU

Last Saturday we played the 400 Bar in Warrensburg, MO. We have played there before and this time we brought our friends, Vertigo Drive along with us. We weren't expecting much from a college town in the middle of summer but it turned out to be an OK night. Besides that, Ryan fell in love....twice. And I think he has enrolled for the fall semester?!

I won't lie, we were all pretty wrecked from our show the night before at the recordBar. The car break-in, the late night, the anger and the fact that Brent and I were up early taking the truck in to get the window repaired (again) all took its toll on us. Hell, Brent and I even tried to down 44 ounces of something called "Rooster Booster" from the local convenience store. Still, we were a little wrecked. But we did feel much better by the time we arrived @ the 400 bar.

There were two bands that went on before Vertigo Drive.  I took a walk around the town with  my tour guide, Nick Combs. Apparently Nick attended CMSU for a brief period of time before his 7 years in the Shoalin Temple. We walked down to the campus area, he showed me some dog statue announcing it as "Ol' Yeller" and then explained that once a year, the local jocks paint the dog statue's balls red for some reason or another. Strange people, those CMSU folks are!

Vertigo Drive went on at 11ish and they sounded damn good. It had been a while since we played a show with them so in was a good reunion. We went on 12ish and played for around 40 minutes to a larger crowd than any of us expected. We were fueled by vodka and cafffeine, they were fueled by Pabst. God Bless Pabst.

After we played we packed up, collected our $50,000 guarantee and headed back to the land of KC. By the time we unloaded the trailer, dropped everyone off, and dropped off the trailer, I was more tired than I can remember being in a long time. And I think all of us were feeling the same way.

Thanks to:

Everyone who came out and stayed for the show
Vertigo Drive
The 400 Bar

Sleepy Time

Show XXXI: Good Times, Bad Luck, Theft, Midgets, and The Universe

Last night we played our 31st show @ The recordBar in Kansas City. It had been a moment since we played the RB and we were excited to come back on a Friday. We were second on the bill with The Killer Cars and The ACBs.

After the typical load outage that occurs before every show, we arrived at the RB. It was around 8PM and we had some time so we decided to have dinner. For those of you out of towners, the recordBar is known for some "bang-out" food. And it was true to form. The food was awesome as usual. We finished eating, loaded in and all was well....

The Killer Cars went on around 10PM and did a great job. During and before their set, I had nothing but water. I promised myself that I would not drink before this show just to see what happens. I usually have a couple of drinks before we play but I thought I would try the stone cold sober thing.

At around 11PM it was our turn. We hit the stage with a revised set list, more water, an eager Ryan Bates, a sexy Nick Combs, and a focused Brent Kastler. As we rolled through the set it felt good. Spirits were high and all four of us had a really good time playing. We even have a few people up front doing a one man/woman mosh/dance/something happening up front which we appreciated and were entertained by. Overall I felt we played well and were received well. Mission Accomplished!

After we broke our gear down I promptly walked over to the bar to get a drink. To be honest, I was waiting for this moment all night. The coveted after show drink. And the first drink for me of the night as well. After getting my vodka soda, I walked towards the patio feeling good, drink in hand. Little did we know the night was gong to take a strange turn for the worse.

As I got out onto the patio I ran into some friends and we chatted for a bit. We got on the topic of some upcoming out of town shows and I mentioned we recently procured a new trailer for the band. It was at that moment when someone said they heard something about a broken window. As soon as I heard that, I looked out into the parking lot and saw Brent and Ryan walking out to our truck and trailer.

As I put my drink down and walked outside towards the truck and trailer, I thought to myself that there is no way my car was broken into.

You see, just last week we returned from a show in St. Louis and my truck was broken into overnight. The bastards broke into my rear passenger window and stole some cash and my cellphone.

Surely this wouldn't happen again, right? What are the odds of this happening twice in one week? Lighting doesn't strike twice in the same place, right? WRONG. As I got to the truck and trailer, I could see that this time the driver side rear window was broken out. FUCK. The console and the locked glove box were broken open. I was furious. And the night had just officially turned shitty. And it wasn't just us. Another two cars in the lot were also broken into during the show.

We called the KCMO PD and got the runaround for a while. They weren't sure when someone could respond. First they said 4 hours. Then they said "be patient". I was even more pissed off. Finally two KCMO Police cruisers rolled in.

As one officer got out of his car, another one walked up. We both looked at each other and I instantly recognized him. He was a friend of mine (John) that I went to high school with but haven’t seen in like 10 years! We dusted for prints, found a foot print and at one point he told me he thought the person who did this is most likely a midget. I thought he was joking. But he wasn't. And as we found a handprint on the outside of the vehicle and John dusted for prints it became apparent to me he was right. There it was, a short, stubby hand print. We had been jacked by cracked out little person. Could the night get any stranger?

After we got through the report/investigation, I went back into the RB and after a little while we departed to drop off the trailer and everyone to their cars/homes. As the four of us drove, sitting on broken glass with a busted window, it started to rain. As the saying goes: If it wasn’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all. Good Times.

We would like to thank:

John B. from the KCMO Police for his help
The recordBar stafffor being so nice and hospitable to us.
Everyone who came out to the show.
The Killer Cars and The ACB's

- Gene

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