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Show XXXXV: Kansas City + Denver in Lawrence

Last night we had the pleasure of playing the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas for our 45th show.  We were playing with The Epilogues and The Photo Atlas (both from Denver, CO.) To make a long story short, it was a good night! Let's recap:

1)  The staff @ The Replay Lounge are super nice and were very cool to us.

2)  Levi's parental units (The CEO and COO of the Sacramento Family Winegar Vineyards, Inc.) were in town from Sacramento, California.

3) The Photo Atlas and The Epilogues turned out to be BADASSES and good dudes as well. Both bands had been out for a month or so from LA to NYC and this was their last show of the tour.  Both bands put on incredible shows and we were happy to play with them. We absolutely plan on bringing them out to KC to do some shows with us and vice versa. In the meantime, check both bands out!!!

4) Brent was on the wagon so I was relieved of driving duties. The alchohol flowed like water, and I felt like 100% shit this mornign but I am all better now.

Above and beyond that, nothing too much to report. Overall, we had a blast. It was an "intimate" show but a good one.

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