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Show 44: Darker My Signal

Last Thursday night we returned to the Riot Room in support of Darker My Love from Los Angeles. Before we get into the show, I feel I must address a few things. Since our last little jaunt through the Midwest with Roman Numerals,  there have been some "happenings".

The first and most obvious was the departure of Nick from the band.  After we returned from our time out of town we took a week off and met up at our rehearsal space for rehearsal. At that time, Nick told us he was leaving the band. He told us he felt he couldn't give the band the commitment and time it needed and therefore he was making his exit.  The three of us were shocked to say the least. We believed in Nick and all of us were disappointed that after just a few months, he had decided to leave.  But everyone needs to do what's best for themselves.   At least he was honest.  We'll miss the "Panda" as we nicknamed him and we wish Nick the nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

So we were back in an all too familiar situation without a drummer again. And we had three shows booked, the last of which is our new CD/EP release on Thanksgiving night. Who did we call?  The man, the myth, The Levinator. That's right, Levi J. Winegar (of the Sacramento Family Winegar Vineyards).

Levi has played on everything we have recorded to date, including the soon to be released EP so it's only fitting that he come back and finish what he started. Although Levi's studies in rare animal pheromone treatments for erectile dysfunction preclude him from being in the band full time, touring, etc. we are stoked and honored to have him back even if it's just for a moment. So we would like to take this moment for a big shout out to the L train!

So that is basically it, Levi is back for now and we are still actively looking for a new drummer.  Any Contenders?  The CD/EP release is set for Thanksgiving night @ The Riot Room and we are excited for everyone to hear it!

And now, back to our regular programming:

We were excited to play with Darker My Love. Although they are a much different band than we are, it's always good to play with great artists and that DML was. The show opened up with Heroes and Villains who put on a great set. At times they remind me of Keane and at other times maybe The Killers? but it's all masterfully executed which is always a pleasure to see.

We were up next and there was a good crowd that had accumulated @ The Riot Room. It felt like ages since we had played and even longer since we had played with Levi but by the time we got started at around 11,  it felt like we hadn't skipped a beat. I felt like we had a good show and that everyone there had a good time too.  Overall, it was a special show for us and I had one of the best times I have had at one of our shows yet. I trust that in time, it will keep getting better.

After our set, DML hit the stage for a monstrous, long and more importantly great set as expected to a room full of their fans. After the show, I spoke briefly with a few of those guys who were about the nicest dudes a fellow can meet.

Thanks to:

Everyone who came out to support us
Neil Smith for booking shows and his time in the NFL
Jeff Pickman for the sound and the "heys"
The Riot Room and staff
And YOU for taking the time to read this blog

Hope to See you @ The Replay Lounge in Lawrence


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