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Show # 46: The Division EP CD Release

Last Thursday night (Thanksgiving 2009) we played a show to coincide with the release of our second CD, The Division EP. @ The Riot Room with “Actors and Actresses” and “In the Grove”.  This was a special night for us and was actually our first official CD release show because we didn’t really do anything special when we released The Catastrophe EP well over a year ago.

The Division EP had been long overdue by our clock and we were elated to finally get it done, pressed, released, etc. It’s really incredible how many things need to happen to release 5 songs in “proper” way. But I won’t get into that as I can assure it’s long and boring ☺

Actors and Actresses opened the show and played a solid set. It’s great to play with a band so different than us stylistically and I think it wasa good pairing. We will have to do it again!

Next up, In The Grove played. This was the first time I have seen these young men with their new singer/guitar player and I must say it’s a good lineup. They brought their wall of sound to the Riot Room and were very well received. Yet another band we’ll have to play with more. In fact, maybe we should just release a CD every month?

We hit the stage at around Midnight. I don’t know why we always play at midnight. I try and try to get us on at 11:00 or 11:30 but it always seems that we go on right at Midnight. Could it be…….Satan?

So midnight it was and there was an awesome crowd @ The Riot Room. As we made our way through our set, Ryan hand technical difficulty after technical difficulty. First a pedal, then a guitar strap, then another pedal, then a mic. Was it sabotage? Could it have been Jesus punishing Ryan for his sins? Or Satan showing him what could happen if he left the dark side? We’ll never know. But Ryan just rolled with the punches the whole night.  Because he is a professional (Pro-Fesh-I-nal).  ..Whoo! America!..

We also had a light show during the set as well thanks to one Jeff “picky” Pickman. And it was BADASS. But it often blinded us throughout the set.   Which is quite funny now that I think back on it.  I am just thankful we didn’t have any pyrotechnics. We would have burned fo’ sho.  In the end, we laughed, we cried, we even played a new song.  Despite some of the challenges, we really had a great time on this fine thanksgiving. And we want to do this every damn year. Amen
At the end of the night, we hung out and indulged in many post show beverages. The next day we realized that some cases were stolen out of our trailer. Ahh, the dichotomy. C'est la vie!

To everyone for supporting us over the past few years. We really appreciate it.

And special thanks to:
Our main squeeze and the fifth Beatle: Jeff Pickman.
Wes "Mixmaster" West
Levi J. Winegar of the Sacremento Family Winegar Vinyards

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