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Show Thirty Three: World O' Fun

The 33rd Waiting for Signal show was set to go down @ Worlds of Fun, KC's equivalent to Six Flags. In was an unusual place to play but all of us remember the "Grassroots" shows they used to have at WoF. I remember Hum, 311, Stick, and a few other bands that played those shows back in the day and they were pretty badass. So when we got a chance to play WoF, of course we jumped on it.

Unlike the Grassroots shows, this was a smaller affair to be held on what is essentially a deck/smoking area witihn the park next to the "RipCord" ride.  We were playing with Pet Comfort and going on first @ 7:30 PM and loadin was @ 5 so we started our day earlier than usual. When we arrived at the park we were escorted back to the security office and a load-in area. We quickly loaded in and setup with the help fo some nice WoF employees.

After soundcheck expored the park a bit. It had easily been 10+ years since I had been at Worlds of Fun or it's sister, Oceans of Fun and the general layout of the park was pretty much the same. I did see a lot of new rides that looked interesting though.

As we walked through the park, I realized that this is a great place to people watch. There was a decent diversity of people there ranging from families with little kids to teenagers and some older folks. As we made our way through the park, I saw some interesting things. First, there was a guy with what I can only describe is a "reverse tanktop".  Then there was a guy in a Chiefs jersey yelling at his Wife to get him "another fucking drink" while he waited in line for the "Mamba" rollercoaster. And a host of other social anomolies that made the walk a little more "special".

At around 7:30 PM we began our set to a small crowd of onlookers and some passersby. It was actually pretty cool to be outside in KC playing a show in perfect weather. It was around 70 degrees so we certainly lucked out there. As we made our way through the set I realized there was something nice about not being in a dark bar playing a show. It was kind of refreshing for a change.  We finished playing and began the loadout process before Pet Comfort took the stage. Overall, I thought we played a good show.

I wish I could have stayed and taken advantage of some free rides but I had a plane to catch in the morning so it was back to the Rehearsal space for Ryan, Jeff, and me. On the ride back I though to myself how good it feelt to be leaving a show at 9:00PM instead of 3:00AM. Although it was not the typical show experience, show #33 was allright in my book.

Thanks to Jeriney and 96.5 The Buzz for putting us on the show.
Jeff Pickman for coming with us
and everyone who showed up.

- Gene

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