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Show # 32: Character building in the CMSU

Last Saturday we played the 400 Bar in Warrensburg, MO. We have played there before and this time we brought our friends, Vertigo Drive along with us. We weren't expecting much from a college town in the middle of summer but it turned out to be an OK night. Besides that, Ryan fell in love....twice. And I think he has enrolled for the fall semester?!

I won't lie, we were all pretty wrecked from our show the night before at the recordBar. The car break-in, the late night, the anger and the fact that Brent and I were up early taking the truck in to get the window repaired (again) all took its toll on us. Hell, Brent and I even tried to down 44 ounces of something called "Rooster Booster" from the local convenience store. Still, we were a little wrecked. But we did feel much better by the time we arrived @ the 400 bar.

There were two bands that went on before Vertigo Drive.  I took a walk around the town with  my tour guide, Nick Combs. Apparently Nick attended CMSU for a brief period of time before his 7 years in the Shoalin Temple. We walked down to the campus area, he showed me some dog statue announcing it as "Ol' Yeller" and then explained that once a year, the local jocks paint the dog statue's balls red for some reason or another. Strange people, those CMSU folks are!

Vertigo Drive went on at 11ish and they sounded damn good. It had been a while since we played a show with them so in was a good reunion. We went on 12ish and played for around 40 minutes to a larger crowd than any of us expected. We were fueled by vodka and cafffeine, they were fueled by Pabst. God Bless Pabst.

After we played we packed up, collected our $50,000 guarantee and headed back to the land of KC. By the time we unloaded the trailer, dropped everyone off, and dropped off the trailer, I was more tired than I can remember being in a long time. And I think all of us were feeling the same way.

Thanks to:

Everyone who came out and stayed for the show
Vertigo Drive
The 400 Bar

Sleepy Time

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