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Show XXXI: Good Times, Bad Luck, Theft, Midgets, and The Universe

Last night we played our 31st show @ The recordBar in Kansas City. It had been a moment since we played the RB and we were excited to come back on a Friday. We were second on the bill with The Killer Cars and The ACBs.

After the typical load outage that occurs before every show, we arrived at the RB. It was around 8PM and we had some time so we decided to have dinner. For those of you out of towners, the recordBar is known for some "bang-out" food. And it was true to form. The food was awesome as usual. We finished eating, loaded in and all was well....

The Killer Cars went on around 10PM and did a great job. During and before their set, I had nothing but water. I promised myself that I would not drink before this show just to see what happens. I usually have a couple of drinks before we play but I thought I would try the stone cold sober thing.

At around 11PM it was our turn. We hit the stage with a revised set list, more water, an eager Ryan Bates, a sexy Nick Combs, and a focused Brent Kastler. As we rolled through the set it felt good. Spirits were high and all four of us had a really good time playing. We even have a few people up front doing a one man/woman mosh/dance/something happening up front which we appreciated and were entertained by. Overall I felt we played well and were received well. Mission Accomplished!

After we broke our gear down I promptly walked over to the bar to get a drink. To be honest, I was waiting for this moment all night. The coveted after show drink. And the first drink for me of the night as well. After getting my vodka soda, I walked towards the patio feeling good, drink in hand. Little did we know the night was gong to take a strange turn for the worse.

As I got out onto the patio I ran into some friends and we chatted for a bit. We got on the topic of some upcoming out of town shows and I mentioned we recently procured a new trailer for the band. It was at that moment when someone said they heard something about a broken window. As soon as I heard that, I looked out into the parking lot and saw Brent and Ryan walking out to our truck and trailer.

As I put my drink down and walked outside towards the truck and trailer, I thought to myself that there is no way my car was broken into.

You see, just last week we returned from a show in St. Louis and my truck was broken into overnight. The bastards broke into my rear passenger window and stole some cash and my cellphone.

Surely this wouldn't happen again, right? What are the odds of this happening twice in one week? Lighting doesn't strike twice in the same place, right? WRONG. As I got to the truck and trailer, I could see that this time the driver side rear window was broken out. FUCK. The console and the locked glove box were broken open. I was furious. And the night had just officially turned shitty. And it wasn't just us. Another two cars in the lot were also broken into during the show.

We called the KCMO PD and got the runaround for a while. They weren't sure when someone could respond. First they said 4 hours. Then they said "be patient". I was even more pissed off. Finally two KCMO Police cruisers rolled in.

As one officer got out of his car, another one walked up. We both looked at each other and I instantly recognized him. He was a friend of mine (John) that I went to high school with but haven’t seen in like 10 years! We dusted for prints, found a foot print and at one point he told me he thought the person who did this is most likely a midget. I thought he was joking. But he wasn't. And as we found a handprint on the outside of the vehicle and John dusted for prints it became apparent to me he was right. There it was, a short, stubby hand print. We had been jacked by cracked out little person. Could the night get any stranger?

After we got through the report/investigation, I went back into the RB and after a little while we departed to drop off the trailer and everyone to their cars/homes. As the four of us drove, sitting on broken glass with a busted window, it started to rain. As the saying goes: If it wasn’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all. Good Times.

We would like to thank:

John B. from the KCMO Police for his help
The recordBar stafffor being so nice and hospitable to us.
Everyone who came out to the show.
The Killer Cars and The ACB's

- Gene

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