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Show #30 - St. Louis - Midlife Crisis- YouTube - Bad IPOD

Last Thursday, we headed out for  The Fubar in St. Louis, MO.  Although we have played shows outside of KC before, St. Louis is 4 hours away and is therefore deemed our first "out of town show" as a band. This was also our first all ages venue which we were pretty excited about.

We headed out on I-70 towards STL in the afternoon and it was like deja vu. I was instantly reminded of making this drive many times before, to play shows a long time ago. In fact it seems like a lifetime ago. Ahhh the memories.

Over the four hours to St. Louis, we played a lot of music off of our collective ipods. A little music trivia, etc. At one point, Nick busted out his IPOD but that is a whole different story that we'll get to in a moment.  After a few hours of driving I was relieved by Ryan. As we took off down the highway, I was a little uneasy with his driving. He was driving the truck and trailer pretty aggressively. Weaving between cars, changing lanes, and riding people's assess like he was in a cocaine induced attorney driving down the highway in a BMW after winning a criminal defense trial. I didn't say anything and chalked my worries up to not being in control..... Later I found out that everyone in the car was terrified. We will be sending Ryan to a Truck and Trailer driving course later this year.

As we approached STL, someone suggested that we take a "Short cut". Little did we know that there was a lot of construction going on. Needless to say, we hit rush hour, standstill traffic. As we inched down the highway 10 miles per hour, we started to get a little stir crazy. I decided to put some music on. I looked down, and there was Nick's 40gig IPOD.

So I began my long and shocking journey into the world of Nick and his IPOD.  Needless to say, I was SHOCKED at what I found. As I scrolled through his IPOD, I found unspeakable things. Things that a man should never have on his IPOD. Things that are illegal in some states. Things of highly questionable nature. Things like: Nickelback, Sheryl Crow, 3 Doors Down, Celine Dion, Cher, etc.  Now I must say, there was some good music there as well. But Nickelback?, Cher? Really? We felt betrayed. I promptly told everyone what I had just discovered. Nick's defense was "It's on a compilation". I quickly checked this fact and although some of the questionable songs were indeed "one-off" songs off a compilation, other were certainly not. In fact, he was holding the entire catalog of certain bands that shall remain nameless. Shame on you, Nick!

As we had a laugh taunting Nick by playing these items we discovered some disturbing things about Ryan as well. He began to dance uncontrollably to Cher. In fact, I caught some priceless videos of this and quickly posted them to Youtube. You can check it out here: Bates on YouTube (THANK YOU, IPHONE 3GS!).

After an hour or so on traffic, we arrived at The Fubar and we were pleasantly surprised at the size of the venue and the fact that they served alcohol. We loaded in and began the hurry up an wait game.

First up was Texas Justice. Followed by another band I cannot recall the name of. Then came Heroes of the Kingdom. This was the first time any of us had seen this band and they were very good. Think Shiner meets The Melvins maybe? The killed it. Nice guys too which is bonus. We were next up. We played for about 35 mintues and although there weren't a lot of people there, we had a lot of fun. After the show, we drank like fish and closed the bar down. I must add that the jukebox @ The Foobar is pretty damn good. I had not heard any Faith No More in years. Good Times, Great Oldies. Ouch, my liver hurts...

We would like to thank:

The Fubar and Staff for their hospitality
Everyone who showed up at the show
All the bands that played (you can see Heroes of the Kingdom with us @ The Riot Room on August 1st)
Neil Smith, National Football League for booking the show and acquiescing to our requests
Jeff Pickman for running a tight sound ship and masking our indiscretions
And last but not least, Cher and Prodigy for those priceless videos.

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