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Show #29: Audiovox and Pet Comfort @ The Riot Room

On Friday night we played the Riot Room for Audiovox's CD Release with Audiovox (obviously) and Pet Comfort. This was a show that we were excited to do. Brent and Ryan used to be in Salt the Earth with Marty from Audiovox and at one point, Marty played bass with us. Needless to say, The "Boooosh" as Ryan has coined Marty over the years and Audiovox are friends and founding members of the "Central International United Coalition of Handsome Kansas City Musicians and Good Guys Making Good Music" (IUCHKCMGGMGM).  In fact, Pet Comfort actually qualifies as well despite the fact they stole our parking space before the show. We'll have to review their membership application closely.....

Speaking of Pet Comfort, they went on first and put on a really great show. They remind me of Hum at times and their vocal harmonies are spot on. If you haven't checked them out, you should.

After Pet Comfort, we went on. It was around 11:00 and there was a decent crowd. We checked quickly and were off to the races. It was an interesting show from our perspective. On stage, it sounded like a train wreck and there were some minor "derailments".   A squealing monitor here, an unplugged pedal there, and a rat tail swinging in the wind. Hardly perfect, but you know what? Fuck It. It's Rock and Roll. All of us had a blast. And it sounded nails out front. Which it always does thanks to one Jeff Pickman and his secret black magic.

At around midnight, the dynamic duo that is Audiovox (Marty and Brad) took the stage to play their new release and then some. They sounded great and as I watched them I noticed Marty's parents right next to me. I could tell that they are really proud of their son and Audiovox as they should be. And you know what? We are too.

Congrats to Marty and Brad on their inaugural release!

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