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One, Two, Three and to the Four: Show #34

Number 34 was a good one.  We love playing @ Crosstown Station. The stage, the sound, the lights and the bar in general are all among the best in the city. Add one Jeff Pickman on the soundboard, one Marty "Booooosh" Bush behind the bar, with one side of Dutch and we are more comfortable than Brent during one of his snake handling sermons in Virginia.

We loaded in around 8PM and ran through a sound check which was much more interesting than usual.  Ryan busted out a rendition of Salt N' Peppa's "Push It" complete with guitar and vocals which took Nick, Brent, and me by surprise. "Boosh it, B-Boosh it real good!".  Apparently Ryan was serenading Marty with this little ditty. He had obviously put some work into it and took some creative liberties along the way. Quite an entertaining display it was.

After sound check we broke down and the first band, Hotdog Skeletons went on shortly thereafter. Next up was Brainbow which I had not seen yet. They delivered an unusual instrumental set and were pretty interesting to watch. It was good to finally see and play a show with them.

Last up were yours truly. We went on around 11:30PM to a moderate Thursday night crowd. We played well with some minor technical difficulties towards the end of the set but overall, it felt good. Not as good as "Boosh it" but almost.

Next up, a trip to the motherland aka CzarBar.


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