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Show 35: Back in the USSR

Show 35 was our first at CzarBar, a relatively new bar here in KC that reminds me of some of the bars back in NYC. We were on the bill with Little Murders and Fairbanks.  Little Murders opened the show up and to me, they sounded like a blend of traditional and post punk with a little KC rock mixed in. They were very good at what they do and it was right up Brent's alley. And Brent is our official Punk Rock Representative, so there you have it.

Next up was Fairbanks a band that has one of our friends Q playing bass and singing. This band has been around KC for a while and has a great reputation. Think Ben Folds Five with a harder edge and bigger harmonies. And this night was no exception. Fairbanks sounded great. We thouroghly enjoyed watching them and if you have not been to one of their shows you need to go.

After Fairbanks finshed, we were up. I won't lie, for a Friday night the crowd was moderate. But we were happy to be there nonetheless. We went on around Midnight and decided we would have a good time with it.

It seems that so many bands tend to take themselves way too seriously. And although we are serious about what we do and how we do it, we don't want to be all business no pleasure. We are guilty of that from time to time, but especially on nights like this one we make a concious effort to just relax, bullshit a bit more and just have fun with it.  And that's exactly what we did. It was kind of like a drunken story tellers episode with no real story.  I perosnally had a good time and it seemed like most everyone else did too.

We would like to thank:

Little Murders
Jeff Pickman
Billy Smith and CzarBar


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