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Show XXXVI: A New Era

Last night we played with A.M.I.M and our friends Heroes of the Kingdom (St. Louis) @ The Riot Room.  As many of you are already aware of, the RR is home base for us as a band. It is the first place we played a show, where Brent works, and the bar in which we feel the most at home in KC.  So it’s always good to play a show there.  That being said, there are several KILLER live/local music venues here in KC that we are fond of: recordBar, Crosstown Station, The Brick, and CzarBar.  We know we are lucky to have them. All of us remember a time not so long ago when we weren't so lucky here in KC......

We got to the RR around 8PM and loaded in.  Shortly thereafter A.M.I.M.  showed up and started to load in/setup. As they sound checked, we setup our merchandise and had a drink or two while we waited. Over the next couple of hours, the bar started filling in. It was an unusual crowd for Riot on a Saturday night but we weren't complaining. As it turns out, most of that crowd was there to see A.M.I.M. They began their set around 10:30 PM.

After a catching a few songs, I went out front to talk to some people showing up. I was really surprised at how PERFECT the weather was. I mean KC was like San Diego that night, which is a rare occurrence here in August.  And for some reason, I felt like something was in the air. It's tough to describe but there was a non-descript good energy/vibe in Westport last night. Maybe it was the good weather? Maybe the two Vodka Sodas I had up to that point? Either way, it was real, felt it, and I think everyone felt it. But we’ll get to that later.  After hanging out in front  I went back in as Heroes of the Kingdom began to setup.

Heroes of the Kingdom began their set around 11:30 to a moderate crowd. As usual, these guys brought their brand of rock very well. We played one show with these guys a few months back in St. Louis and just as they did they did then, they brought “it”.

After Heroes of the Kingdom was finished their set, we were up. The RR started to fill in as we setup and we ended up going on to a good crowd around 12:30 AM. As we worked our way through the set, it seemed that more and more people were showing up.  And that vibe we felt earlier in the night seemed to permeate the room.

By the time it was over I wanted to keep playing. This was a really fun show for us. The opinion of several people that see us regularly was that this was our best show yet. I don’t know if I agree completely but I will say it was a good show.

The last few months have really been transitional for the band for too many reasons to list.  And this show was exactly what we needed when we needed it.

Thank You to :

Everyone who made it out and stuck around to see us, yet again. Your support means a lot to us.

Jeff Pickman - for another night of rock, always fighting the good fight for us and for his help with “The Secret Weapon”

Funk, Tim, Dallas, Arty, Brandon, Joe and Everyone @ The Riot Room

- Gene

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