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Show 59: All was fine in St. Louis and a quick update

Hey Hey Hey-

A quick update but first thing is first, the last show we played was almost a month ago (holy shit!) on November 5th at the Fubar in St. Louis with our friends MACHREE.  If any of you were at our last Riot Room show, these guys were also playing.  This show was an all ages show which I was personally stoked about and in fact, the first all ages show we have ever played if my memory serves me correctly which of course it never does.  There were several other bands before us most of which were much younger than us.  One of the more memorable bands was a group of 17-18 year-old kids that looked like they just stepped out of a Whitesnake video circa 1986. I am not kidding, either.  I was actually really excited to see them because if they sounded like they looked, it may have been the best 80's hair metal revival I had ever seen. Unfortunately, they didn't and it wasn't. But I thought I would share anyways.  We played later in the evening and all I will say is that the show validated the fact that we need to play more all ages shows. Simply put, we had a great time. MACHREE played a bit later to a packed house and those guys brought the goods in front of their home town. Really great show and great to see them. St. Louis was a success.

Now back to our original programming:

We have been writing new material and we are very excited about it! We wrote some songs, killed some songs, wrote some more songs and we are still cranking them out. We really feel like this is the best material we have done to date and we cannot wait to get out there and play them live. But first, we will be recording some demos and then a new EP.  However, we promise to share along the with all of you.  We appreciate everyone's continued support and look forward to seeing you in 2011.

Have a safe and happy holiday,

Gene / Ryan / Brent / Justin

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