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Shows 57 and 58: Riot Mouse

So here we are again with another installment of a better late than never account of our last two shows. For some reason, I am finding it more and more difficult to post these in a timely fashion.  In any event, I hope to break my vicious cycle of procrastination and get into the habit of "Taking Care of Business" as Elvis so eloquently coined it.

On Friday, October 15th we played once again at The Riot Room. This time around we were playing with Le Grand from Lawrence, KS, Machree from St. Louis and Maps for Travelers who were releasing their debut EP at this show. This was a really fun lineup to be a part of as all of the bands were very good and IMO, complimentary to each other.  This was also the first time I had seen all three bands we played with and I was impressed by all of them. Double Bonus.

We were 3rd on the bill and played to a good crowd.  We played a few new songs and they went over well from what I could tell which is always nice and validating (Yes!, We ARE going to be rich!!) . We hope to incorporate more new material into the set in the future. Overall, I thought our part of the show went over well. No casualties, no accidents and I believe it was 100% OSHA compliant....

After we played, Maps for Travelers ended the show. It was especially awesome to finally see Maps for Travelers. They tore it up and when you can do that AND include a trumpet, there is nothing left to say.  Although we were loading out for part of their set, I did catch a good amount of it and it was really good. We intend on playing shows with those fellas again reeeeeeeal soon.

All in all, another good night at The Riot Room. Ah, the comforts of home.

Last Saturday, we played a Halloween show at a place and city we have never played before: The Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs, Missouri.  This is a local watering hole that has bands play of all varieties. It's also the place where our drummer, Justin works. We were playing the show with another Blue Springs native band, In the Grove for whom Justin used to play drums with.  This incestuous lineup was opened up by a very strange yet somehow entertaining singer/songwriter/comedian named Paul Somethingorother (I can't remember).  What I can remember was that his songs had somewhat unusual stories and titles.  Some of what I remember was: "Blue Springs Pussy" and a song about hitchhiking back across the country to rendezvous with a lost love and having to go down on a trucker to get there. Wow. I can't believe I just repeated that. But rest assured, I am not joking. That was 100% for real.

On top of the strange opening act, I was very worried about Ryan. Let's just say he wasn't feeling too good before the show. So here we were, in Blue Springs. I gotta say, it was strange. In fact, it was almost as if we somehow diverged from the current space-time continuum into an alternate reality.  We went on about 10:30ish and amazingly Ryan pulled it through like Keith Richards after a night of partying in the 2nd hour of a Rolling Stones set. It was as if he felt 100% from the moment we started playing. The man, the myth, the legend: Ryan Bates.  We played the show to a small gathering of people. Although it wasn't ideal, everyone at The Trouser Mouse was very cool and treated us well.

Thanks to everyone who came out to both shows.

-  Gene

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