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Show 49: Folk Signal: The Acoustic Age

Last Saturday we played our 49th live show and 1st Acoustic show ever at Czarbar here in Kansas City. We were playing with our friends from Lawrence, The Old Black and Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Kyuss, etc.).

When we first heard about the show many months back, we weren't sure what to think. We love playing with The Old Black and we are huge  Nick Oliveri fans to say the least. So we were stoked. But we were also kind of worried. We are not and have never been an "Acoustic" band.  For example, one time we were supposed to play an "Acoustic" set after a show here in KC. But somehow, we ended up loading our gear in and plugging in anyway.  I have no idea how that happened but it did.

Although we do own a few acoustic guitars between us, we have never really attempted playing any of our songs that way. We obviously decided to play the show. Our thoughts were that we had enough time to rehearse and get everything nailed. But a few months went by and with heavy travel, etc. we didn't really put in the time we wanted to. And next thing you know, it was the day of the show.

We showed up at Czarbar and were informed that we would be playing first which was fine by us. We did a quick sound check and everything sounded really good.  I remember thinking to myself how nice it was not to have had to pick up our trailer, load in/out all of our equipment, etc. It was downright luxurious! We could get used to this!

After the show start being pushed back a few times we hit the stage at around 10:30 PM. It was a little weird for the both of us to be onstage and Levi and Brent in the audience.  But you know what, it felt REALLY good.  The vibe in the room was good, the songs sounded good and everything just seemed to flow.  It all just seemed to fall into place. We even attempted playing a new song we wrote about 20 minutes before we arrived at the bar....

After we played the Old Black ripped through a badass acoustic set. It ended up being an extended one due to Nick Oliveri having some troubles making into town. In the end, Nick didn't make it to the bar until much later and he didn't even play there that night although he did do an impromptu show at the Mercy Seat tattoo shop next door. Luckily, Ryan and I got a chance to talk to him for a while and he was extremely nice and very cool.

Overall, this was an experience that ended up being really great for us. We will certainly do it again.

Thanks to The Old Black, Nick Oliveri and everyone who showed up to the show for all of your continued support.


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