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Show 48: Another Saturday in KC

Last Saturday night we played @ The Riot Room in KC with In The Grove and Traindodge. It was a typical Saturday night in KC. We were scheduled to be second in the lineup but by the time we got to the bar we were "headlining". Which basically means "Sorry, but you are fucked. You'll go really late when everyone is good and drunk".  Not that I am bitching about it, because it's par for the course. Moving along...

As the night began, the turn out was great  It's always nice to be surprised by the amount of people that show up to a show. In the grove went on first at 11 something. They played to healthy amount of people. Next up was Oklahoma's Traindodge. This band has been around forever and they are a machine. It's always good to see them and all of us unanimously agree that we would like to kidnap their drummer at some point in the future because he is seriously one of the best drummers around.  Note to self: purchase kidnapping van with airbrushed mountain scene and port hole window.

After Traindodge it was finally time for us to play. And for some reason, I felt like I was starting to get sick for the few hours preceding this. And when that happens before a show there is only one thing to do: DRINK. And that I did. A few shots and a few drinks and I felt MUCH better. I think this is how alcoholism starts? ;-) We went on at 12-something to a legitimate crowd of AWESOME people who stuck it out all night. As we played through the set I kept thinking about how much fun shows are. It felt like we had not played a show for a year even though it's only been a month or so.

In summary, I think our performance was OK but the show was a great time.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to see us. We are eternally grateful for your support and interest.

- Gene

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