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Show 54: Le RecordBar, new songs and change.

A Quick Update:

For the greater part of a year since our first drummer Levi came back to the band to help us move forward with shows, etc. we made a conscious effort to not write/complete any new songs.  We didn't want a new drummer to come into the fold and have to learn even more material beyond the 2 EPs and more importantly we wanted to wait so we could move forward with someone else.  Contrary to popular belief, our band has always been a democracy and it's incredibly important that all of us get to place our creative mark on  what we do. That's why it was so important for us to wait for a new drummer to put their mark on any new material.

The residual effect of this interruption in writing was that all of us felt like we were just going through the paces, playing the same old songs, doing the same old shows.  And in fact, we were.  We were still having fun, but when you take the writing out of a band, there isn't much left.   We had lost our way. As much as we are all proud of the last two EPs, we were and have been more than ready to move on. And so it began.   With Justin, we began banging out new songs for  the first time in a long time in our new rehearsal space. And I must say, we have been having a lot of fun and making a lot of progress  along the way.  Change is and has been in the air. And that is a very. very good thing.

Now back to our regular programming:

Last Friday night marked our 54th show and Justin's 3rd show with the band. We were playing @ recordbar with Audiovox and Restless Breed.  It had been quite some time since we played at recordbar and we were excited to play there again.  Opening the show, Restless Breed played their instrumental brand of experimental / psychedelic / synth music. These guys brought some serious lights and even a projector with them that really suited them and their music well. It was really quite nice to see a band doing something cool and different and all of us enjoyed their show a lot.

We were second up and we started our set around 11:30ish.  As I mentioned, it had been a moment since we played there and all of us felt very comfortable to be back.  As we rolled through the songs, everything seemed to fall into place. We decided to throw a couple of new songs in the mix. One tune currently titled "Sold Out" we  have been playing in the set for a while now. But we debuted a newer song currently called "Quiet" toward the middle of the set.  All I can say is that it felt really fucking good to be playing something very new at the recordbar that night. From what I could gather, it was well received too.  As we finished up our set, I felt good about the show. IMO, there is always room for improvement and this was far from a perfect show. However,  I still couldn't help but feel like we are on our way again to new and exciting things. Back on the path we should have been on all along....

Audiovox was last on the bill and as usuall, they successfully delivered their brand of hook-laden electro-rock to everyone in the room. This time they had a female singer on deck with them and it sounded even bigger than usual. It seems that no matter how many shows we do with these fellas  I have those fucking songs stuck in my head for the next day or so. I guess I'm just a sucker for the hook!

Thank You to Steve, Shawn, Tim and Everyone @ recordbar for having us and being such hospitable hosts.

- Gene

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