Waiting For Signal

Alt / Indie / Rock Music From Kansas City, Missouri

The Number 7: Red Checkered Vans and Debaucehry go together like PB and J.

Show 7 for us; our first weekend show, some short notes:

Brent - Red and Black Checkered Vans - We were wrong, you were right; you fashionista!
People - Thank you to each and everyone of you for coming out in full force and supporting us.
The Brick - Great vibe, great space, we LOVED it.
Vertigo Drive - killed it; best show yet; Quinie Quan Quin and the boys delivered.
Duane T. - made it sound "noice and toight"
Afterparty - Motley Crue circa Theater of Pain minus the heroin and blow with a side of HANGOVER
96.5 The Buzz Homegrown - Thank You to Jeriney for playing Command and Control and for the kind words!!!!

Till next time

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