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WFS Show XIV & XV: The Busket Combo (Dog in a Tub)

Last night we played for the first time on the KC Live (Kansas City Power and Light) stage. For those of you out of towners this is a recent addition to the Downtown Kansas City landscape across from the new Sprint Arena. The venue is located outside with a huge glass canopy over it.

It was raining all day long and I received tons of texts and calls from friends wondering if the show was canceled due to the weather. I reassured everyone it was not and cited the glass canopy. I went on and on about all the fancy, world class, cutting edge architecture and engineering that I so presumptuously assumed was in place. Guess What? I was right! For once....Sweet vindication.

Anyhoo, we arrived at the venue while the Republic Tigers were sound checking and were pleasantly surprised and shocked to have the kind people @ KC Live help us unload our gear, and have a nice little green room to share between the bands. There was a separate monitor mix, we received a decent sound check and all was well. We felt like we were in the lap of luxury and indeed we were.

Of course there was one issue (because there always is). per city ordinance, the show could not be over 100dB in total volume. Unfortunately, Brent's bass aone was reading 103dB by itself! We were shocked that we are all really just that deaf already. Brent was prouder than any of us have seen him before and in fact, he was beaming. So there it is: Brent Kastler, 103dB, tadow. We promptly turned the bass down to a more comfortable level and the problem was solved.

We took the stage at around 8:00PM and were finished by 8:40. The stage was spacious, the staff were gracious, and the audience was awesome.

Afterward, we were privileged to play a small, intimate show at "The Beast House". It was acoustic except for the fact that we played with drums through electric guitars and amplifiers loudly :-)

A Huge THANK YOU to:

1) Jeriney @ 96.5 The Buzz : She does more for local music and local bands than ANYONE hands down. We LOVE this person and thank her for all she has done.

2) Everyone for coming out to support us, we so appreciate it!
3) The Republic Tigers

- Gene

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