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Show #69: recordBar

Show #69 went down at the recordbar last Saturday night as planned. Good times, great people but a little sparse. Yes, folks this was a very minimal show and we have no one to blame but ourselves.   For years I have been vocal about feeling like too many bands in KC don't know how good we have it: Several venues, decent scene, etc.  Yet some of the bands pull the "it's all rock n' roll" card and don't promote or really do anything beyond showing up and playing a show.  And of course, here we are pulling the same shit. We promise to promote our shows better from now on. Scout's honor.

Now that the negatron has spoken, I'll get to some random facts/highlights/realizations. Here is an abreiviated version:

  1. Redtail Hawks were very good
  2. We decided to get tipsy before we played "just to see what would happened"
  3. Brent can't read set lists written in red ink
  4. I actually got to say "I'll light your titties up" in a public forum
  5. We love the recordBar and wish it was open until 3AM.

We would like to thank everyone at rB for having us again and most importantly everyone that came out. We appreciate your support and promise to have laminates for every one of you someday when we grow up, make it big and go on an arena world tour.

Next Show: with HELMET and Season to Risk @ The Riot Room on October 25th!!!!! It's going to be a barn-burner!

- Gene

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