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SHOW #70: HELMET, S2R and US

Show number 70 was a good one folks. We were very excited and honored to be sharing the stage with Helmet and Season to Risk in one night and I have to say, it was as good as we thought it would be.  The crowd was great, the bands delivered blistering sets (as expected), and everyone was cool.  Even Paige Hamilton.  We heard the stories that he could be real difficult but we're here to say those stories are 100% bullshit.  In fact, he was probably one of the nicest, humble guys in a band of that caliber I have ever been around. The guy spent a lot of time post-show signing autographs, taking pictures, and talking to everyone. Good dude!

Bottom Line: I felt like we played a solid show. We felt comfortable and it was great to see so many new faces up front and center. It felt really good. If we could play shows like this all the time, we would be very, very happy guys. Is that too much to ask?  We might even start writing happy songs. (we don't know any major progressions) Until then, we'll stay dark and depressed.

Thank You to:



Season to Risk

Jeff Pickman for bangin' sound

Neill Smith for booking

The Riot Room

Pat for manning the booooooth!

Eric Binkley for taking the picture above

and everyone how took home shirts, discs, stickers. We appreciate your kinds words and support!

- Gene

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