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Shows 73 , 74 and 75: R,B,R.

Shows 73, 74 and 75 went by in a flash during the month of April. Here is my recollection:

Show 73 went down as part of "Middle of the Map Fest" here in Kansas City. This is the sophmore year of this festival and it's an event that has been wildly successful since inception. Local/regional bands are paired with nationals such as "Fucked Up", "Fun", etc.

This year, all of the "not quite indie enough", "Rock" bands were paired together on a playdate, er I mean say show at Ye Old Faithful (The Riot Room).  Not that we are complaining as we were playing with friends and bands we like.  After all, we shared the bill with The Slowdown, In the Grove, and Cherokee Rock Rifle which is most certainly a damn fine show. It was a rainy day and the bill was split with the first two bands (The Slowdown and In the Grove) playing inside and the last two bands (Us and CRR) playing outside on the patio.

When we arrived at the venue, our friends The Slowdown were playing and I have to say, these fellas laid it down "JUST NICE" (in an Ashley Schaeffer voice). They sounded absolutely fucking great. And they were playing to a formidable crowd. Next up, were In The Grove who also slayed out a monster set and sounded really good.After that, we kicked off the patio festivities.  We played a 40 minute set to a crowd of good and on-the-way-to-getting-really-drunk folks.  It was a good time and the weather played nice so we had no complaints. Next up, Cherokee Rock Rifle laid it down to proper as always to a full patio.  All things said, the day was a success, rock prevailed, this needs to happen again.

Show 74 was a show at The Beaumont Club with prog rockers David Hasslehoff on Acid for their CD Release and Live DVD filming. We were really happy to be a part of this show as it was something different than we usually do which is always a bonus. There were several bands on the bill that night and I wish I could remember them all but I really can't comment.  It was one of those nights for me as I was on the cusp of getting sick which is never fun. I do remeber a strange happening while wewere playing: some kid threw some sort of a laminate pass towards me and then ran off while we were playing. I planned on channeling a sick Josh Homme and addressing it right there and then but by the time the song was over, I had forgotten about it. Oh well...

After we played we watched Cherokee Rock Rifle make some magic on stage followed by a very badass and cinematic David Hasslehoff on Acid show.  I'm not usually into their type of instrumental, progressive rock but they do what they do well and I really enjoyed the show.  I also commend these guys for doing their own thing. Add to that the fact that the DHOA guys are some of the nicest musicians in the city, and you have something to be really proud of.

Show 75 was a weeknight at The Riot Room with Traindodge and Drop a Grand. The show started early with Drop a Grand who are abstract and tongue in cheek at the same time. I remember exclusively lucite guitars, masks, and lots of commentary.

We were up second and I really feel like we played a solid show. We had a lot of fun playing and it sounded very badass due to our friend and fifth Beatle, Jeff Pickman behind the board. Mission Accomplished!

Last but not least, were Traindodge. This band has been doing it for a DAMN long time and it shows everytime I see them. This is the second or third time we have played with them and once again they pummeled through a massive set to an enthusiastic audience.  Their drummer is so good I would swear he is from Kansas City :-). All in all, I'm happy we opened for these dudes becuase I wouldn't want to follow them. If you like your rock loud and haven't checked these guys out, you need to.


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