Waiting For Signal

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The Magical Number Eighteen

Our eighteenth show was set to happen at an unlikely venue, the coveted Buzzard Beach in Westport.  For those of you out of towners, the Buzzard Beach is a Kansas City landmark.  It has been around forever and is the best dive bar in the area and beyond.  I have been frequenting the Buzzard for about 14 years and I have many memories, scars, and otherwise as a result.  In that time I have never seen any band play there before (although a few have) and I never would have thought it to be a good place for live music. But I was wrong again as usual:-)

Last night had to have been one of our most enjoyable shows to date. We have played bigger venues to more people but this show was something special to us. It meant a lot to us as a band. We were surrounded by friends and strangers, all having a good time on a Monday night.  Much Jager and other alcoholic beverages were consumed.

We felt a real sense of community and connection last night with everyone at the show. We would like to sincerely thank all of you for coming out and making a Monday night feel like a Saturday night. We appreciate your continued support.

- Gene

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