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Show XVII: Bates Birthday Bash @ Crosstown Station

Last Friday marked our 17th show at one of our new favorite venues, Crosstown Station. The fine folks doing a Camel Cigarettes Promotion put us on the bill with Inner Party System, an up and coming national act and it was "all that". Many factors contributed to our perception of the evening including:

1) It was Ryan's Birthday (almost)
2) There were free cigs and alcohol
3) The sound was BAD ASS (thank you, Jeff Pickman)
4) There were girls dancing on poles (we are not kidding)
5) The show was video taped
6) There were girls dancing on poles (for real, I thought we would mention it again)
7) Inner Party System was quality with an INSANE light show
8) Ryan did his signature move "The Shooter" on stage, solo.

Overall, we think it was one of the best shows we have played yet. Thank You to everyone for coming out and making it a great night.

- Gene

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