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Show 20: You win some, you lose some

Last night marked our 20th show. We were on the bill with two other bands for "The Rock N' Roll Fashion Show" @ Crosstown Station. Each band was to play 4-5 songs while models walked a runway wearing various local designer's clothing lines. One of those designers was our friend, Tammy Sammy (www.saumfrock.com). If you are not familiar with her work, Tammy takes old and new band shirts and makes these completely awesome skirts/dresses/whatever you call them. She's like MacGeyver (did I just date myself?) for clothing. Needless to say, we were happy to be playing during Tammy's models....

We were on second and were announced as the curtain opened. We embarked on our five song set while the models strutted around on stage:

I am not going to sugar coat it, it was a difficult show for us. In fact, the most difficult yet.  Drum microphones fell, guitar amps cut in and out, and it was pretty much the most disastrous show we have played yet. Still, we were told by many that no one noticed these issues out front. Ahh how sweet it is to have a talented soundman. Thank you jeff Pickman!!! But, if that was the worst show yet, we will GLADLY take it.  Believe me, I have played shows in my lifetime that made me consider taking up bungee-less bungee jumping. This was a walk in the park by comparison......

Overall, it ended up turning out well. The event was planned extremely well  and everyone had a great time. We would  love to do another one of these shows in the near future. Thank You to everyone for coming out and showing your support yet again.

Next up, Show XXI: Redemption @ The Riot Room

- Gene

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