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New Music

Well, it has been over a year since we released our first baby, The Catastrophe EP.  And although we are still proud of that release being our first ever, we are also so sick with it. We want to kill the baby.  Wait a second, that sounds terrible.  We don't want to kill anything. What we mean is,  since then, a lot has changed. We have been playing some unreleased songs for close to a year now . We have been pre-producing those songs and others in our rehearsal space.  A new release is LONG overdue.

So here are the specifics:

We are going into an undisclosed studio to record our second EP on December 5th.  As far as we know, we will be recording 5 songs. This time around we are we are going to handle the engineering/producing/mixing with a little help from select friends along the way. How will it turn out? Who knows? We are really excited about this and will be spending most of the month working on it.  We should be ready to release sometime in January/Feburary at the latest.

Until then, we hope to see you at a show.  Thanks for checking in,

- Gene

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