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Twenty One : Home, Home on the Range

Thanksgiving Night 2008: Our first holiday show as a band. It was set to happen at our home base, The Riot Room with The Sixteens, The Rich Boys, and last but not least, one of Kansas City's most proficient bands,  The Architects.  To be quite honest, I felt a little left out because we were the only band with a "The" in the name. "The Waiting for Signal" just doesn't work so well.  What are you gonna do?!

All of us were excite about this show for a lot of reasons. First, It's our last show before we go into the studio to record our next EP. Second, we had a new song to try out on our focus group....I mean.....audience.  Third we were playing with The Architects who we were excited to see. And last but not least, The Riot Room.. The place we played our first show. The place we go to watch shows often. The place where our friends work. The Riot Room is home to us.

All of us were turkey-comotose by the time we arrived to the bar and. I was drinking coffee and tea like it was water to wake up. By the time we went on, we  were fully awake. Once again, our friend and engineer extroadinare Jeff Pickman was behind the board making magic happen as he always does. And we were off.

In my opinion, this was one of our best shows. The audience was awesome. It was so nice to see familiar and new faces. The sound was perfect.  The new song went over really well. We saved babies, won the girl, and rode off into the sunset.  Most importantly we had a lot of fun playing. Which is what it is all about. Sometimes I forget that but it is great to be reminded.

After we loaded out we returned and got a chance to check out The Architects. All four of us were thoroughly impressed.  Consumate nice guys and one of the best (if not the best) live bands in the region, hands down. If you don't believe me go and see for yourself.

Thanksgiving is a time reflect on the things in life you are most thankful for. And for me, 2008 will forever be a time that I was thankful for many great things in my life. One of which is this band.

Happy Holidays,

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