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Twenty Twin Twin: Band Field Trip Day

The day of our 22nd show was different than all of our other show days. Mostly because we began the day together, early in the morning.  Why does that sound so wrong? To clarify, we had to be at a radio show in the morning. And not just any radio show but Affentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz on 96.5 The Buzz. Whew, that was a lot of "Buzz". We were all pretty stoked and a little nervous to be totally honest.

So we all woke up way too early (even Brent), I picked 3/4ths of the band up and we were on our way to the station. Our friend Jeriney was co-hosting the show with Affentra that morning so she let us in from the cold and in moments, the greater KC area could hear our collective post-adolecent voices.  We talked about the Harvester's benefit show that night, the new EP, our inate hate for each other, the fact that half the band are liars and Brent's big spoon affair with "The Boooosh".

Affentra and Jeriney were both incredibly great to us.  Affentra said we could come back anytime we would like.  After 30 mintues or so, we sat around and talked about the industry with Affentra. We all really liked her a lot. Overall we had a really awesome time. A HUGE THANK YOU TO 96.5 THE BUZZ, AFFENTRA'S BIG FAT MORNING BUZZ SHOW, AFFENTRA, and JERINEY!!!

After we left the station, we all went and had breakfast together which was another first. The four of us were thinking the same thing: We would like to do this every day. But alas, we need to pay the bills somehow. But someday, we'll make it happen.

The show @ The Riot Room was with The Abracadabaras and it was a benefit for Harversters. Bring a can of food, and get in free. We went on around 10:300 and played our usuall set. Lookign back, I can;t say it was our best show and I can't say it was our worst. All in all, it was an "OK" performance. That being said, it was for a good cause as well.

After we played, The Abracadabaras went on. Think The Doors meets Oasis meets The Brian Jonestown Massacare. I really liked their set. Especially the songs later in the set. They seemed like one of those bands that settles in and then takes it to the next level. Cool band, nice guys.

In the end, it was a good day/night.

In other news, all of the music is recorded and roughs are mixed for the new EP. Vocals begin this week and we hope to complete everything by  cometime in January. We are really excited about the EP and even more excited to put soem more new songs in the live set!

We appreciate all of your interest, opinions, and support:

Happy New Year,


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