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Show 24 : Ode to Lawrence, Kansas

Oh how we love Lawrence, Kansas. Let us count the ways:

1) Good Energy
2) Niee People
3) Young People
4) Nice, Young, Attractive People
5) Home of Brent's Fraternity, Lambda Lambda Lambda
6) Fond memories of when I spent a few years as house mother/sex therapist for the Theta Sorority house.
7) Where Ryan first discovered Red Bull
8) Levi's new college home

Last night we played The Jackpot in Lawrence. We were super excited for this show because it was our first in Larry Town and we were playing with our good friends, Marty Bush's band, Audiovox and The Old Black. These kind of shows are always awesome because everyone knows/respects each other and most of all, the music is good.

Audiovox opened the show and I must say it was very cool to see two guys "tear shit up" as one inebriated audience member said to me over and over again. And tear shit up they did. I really enjoy seeing Marty and Brad bring this band to fruition. It reminds me of Death Cab meets Weezer. And only two guys which means there is more beer at the end of the night :-)  These fellas are reaaaaalllll smart.

We played next to a small but dedicated group of people. In fact we were so surprised at how many people came out to the show for us. Thanks to everyone for making the trip!!

I felt pretty good about our performance and overall felt like it was a good show.  Brent jumped around like he had ants in his trousers. Ryan concentrated on playing his parts and not letting the huge Par 64 light 3 inches from his head bother him despite the 3rd degree burns.  Levi pounded the skins with razor concentration while contemplating quantum theory. And I, as usual, tried to keep it all together while playing this strange small instrument (the guitar) and yelling, I mean singing, into the microphone.

After us came Lawrence natives The Old Black. We have played a handful of shows with this band and I really like them and their music. It's pure, classic, riff oriented rock with overtones of Kyuss, Fu Manchu, and I don't know what. As usual, they rocked the fuck out.

Thanks to Audiovox and The Old Black for having us on the bill last night.

Most importantly, we would like to thank everyone who made the trip out to Lawrence last night to see us. We really appreciate all of your continued support and commitment to the band.

Much "Respek"!!!


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