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Show 25: Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club

I once read somewhere that in order to be good at something, you need to do it for a minimum of 10,000 hours. We like this logic and have adopted it for the band.  On Friday, we played our 25th show @ Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club.  (Only 9,975 shows to go!)

Davey's Uptown is a place that I used to basically live at over a decade ago. Back then, my old band, Sacrifice Isaac, played many shows there. And over the years we saw the place transform from a one room bar into a legitimate live music venue in Kansas City. I remember seeing some incredible shows there over the years. Standouts in my memory included Shiner, Jimmy Eat World, and Giants Chair. Long story short, lots of history for me at this place.  However, I moved away from Kansas City to the East Coast . Four years later I moved back. And I had not been back to Davey's Uptown even once since then.  And I have absolutely no idea why.

Needless to say, I was excited to see the place after so long. And we were excited to play there since we had not before. Initially, The Dark Circles were on the bill and offered us a slot. However, they had to cancel and the New Lost Souls were put on the bill. We arrived at the bar and it was an instant blast from the past for me. The first room seemed like it had not changed at all. Same bar, same booths, etc. It was as if I was transported back 10 years.  However, the live room is a whole other story. It almost looked like a new venue completely. New PA, New layout, larger stage, new bathrooms, etc. In fact, the only thing that I remember being the same was the battered hardwood floor.

We were slotted to play first so we set up. It was going to be a rough night due to the immense amount of good shows going on the same night. Luckily for us, our loyal and supportive friends, significant others, and in Brent's case, parole officer, showed up to support us.  It was a small but great audience and the sound was REALLY good. Overall, it was a great time. I enjoyed seeing some old friends and reconnecting.  We had a great time playing at Davey's and we hope to do it again soon.

We would like to thank
1.  Everyone who came out to support us yet again.
2.  Michelle and Mokie for everything.
3.  The New Lost Souls
4.  Pete, for making it sound so good.

Till next time,


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