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Show XXVI: Ladyfingers and Roman Numerals

Last Saturday marked our 26th show and my 31st Birthday. It was also Neil's (Riot Room) Birthday so he decided to put together a show  @ The Riot Room and we were lucky enough to be on it. The Roman Numerals (one of KC's finest) were headlining and a band from Omaha, Nebraska called Ladyfinger was on the bill as well. We knew nothing about Ladyfinger at this point beyond the fact that they are on SaddleCreek Records  (more to come).

It was a cold night in KC when put into the context of the California like weather we have had over the past couple of weeks. We got to the Riot Room and had a drink and a shot (ritual). At that point, I began my coalition to not drink anymore before we play despite the fact it was my birthday. Water it was. And the waiting game began.

Ladyfinger brought in there gear and began setup as they were first on. They did a quick line check and I immediately noticed how good they sounded.  Some time went by and the bar began to fill up. Ladyfinger took the stage and a few songs in, it hit me. This band was absolutely sick.  Great players, great sound, original, loud, heavy. What's not to like? We love them.  And we want to play more shows with them. Yes, these fine gentlemen put on one hell of a show. All hail Ladyfinger!

We were up next so after the teardown /setup cycle, we were ready to go. There was a good croud and all of us felt pretty good except for Ryan, who was sick and had been sick for the last few days. We played a rearranged 9 song set and Ryan even did his signature "shooter" dance move which usually doesn't happen unless he is DRUNK. Consequently, this was the move that pushed him through the finals with Rosie O'Donell on Dancing with the Stars a few seasons ago.... Long story short, we had a LOT of fun.

Next up were The Roman Numerals who always put on a great show. This was our first time playing with these guys and we were happy to be on the bill with them.  It's aways prefferable to play with great bands and these guys are certainly great. True to form, they killed it.

Thank You to Ladyfinger, The Roman Numerals, Neil, The Riot Room and everyone who came out to the show. It was a great night and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a birthday.

- Gene

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