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Show Twenty Seven - We're Back

After three long and painful months of searching for a drummer, recording, waiting, being frustrated, and waiting some more we are finally back on the old horse. Saturday night marked our first show back at The Brick here in KCMO. This show was booked the day before because we thought it would be a good "slump buster" and indeed it was.

By the time we arrived the only other band on the bill for the evening had canceled. So, it was just us. We owned the bar at that point which was fine with us. Because we are perfectly comfortable being left in a bar alone.....

Long story short, we consumed alcohol, we played our first show in months, and we broke the seal with our new drummer, Nick. All in all, we were  happy to be there.

Thanks to Sheri, Matt, Duane, and the rest for the staff at The Brick for having us and being such hospitable hosts for the evening.

And special thanks to everyone who showed up to support us again. We appreciate it.

Next Stop, Castle Donington.

Adios Amigos,


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