Waiting For Signal

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Last night was the band's 28th show and Nick's second show with the band. We played @ Crosstown Station with Plain Wight, The Arcane, and  Tim York.  And I must say, it was a good night. Despite the fact that our brand spanking new trailer was accosted in the back alley by some asshole. Can you believe that shit?  Someone hit our baby!

We had a lot of fun playing this show. It feels incredibly good to be back at it again after our hiatus. And to be quite honest, the band has never felt better than it has these past few shows with Nick.  It's as if something is in the air. And it's not Ryan's hairspray. For the four of us it feels like a new chapter in the band. And we are excited about the future. Good times, indeed.

Thank You to Liam, Plain Wight, Tim York, The Arcane, Jeff Pickman, and EVERYONE who came out last night.

- Gene

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