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Show 72: The Life and Times

Show 72 was a good one. One of our favorite bands, The Life and Times, were kicking of a new record and a new tour at The Riot Room in Kansas City. We were fortunate enough to open the show.  Major Games (members of Zoom and Panel Donor) were also on the bill making this a pretty kick ass lineup.

We opened the show around 10PM to a good crowd of folks. We played a few older tunes, some current stuff and even some new tunes. This was a godo show for us. We felt very on that night and we were very happy with our show overall. More importantly, we made some new friends and exposed some new people to our band. Mission accomplished.

Major Games followed us and slayed through a blistering and incredibly loud set. I enjoyed their performance quite a bit and they have to take the cake for the loudest band I have seen in a while. But, it wasn't too loud becuase I'm not too old......yet.

The Life and Times went on last to an enthusiastic crowd and needless to say, they killed it as expected. This band is a three piece that sounds like a 10 piece and we highly recommend you check them out if you haven't already.

All in all, this was a great show and we were very happy to have played it.  As we write new material and finish up our new EP, the vibes are good. We always try to raise the bar on what we are doing and it feels good to make progress.

Thanks to:

The Life and Times

Neill Smith

Jeff Pickman

The Riot Room



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